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Why Attend Music Summer Camps in Austin?

by | Apr 15, 2017 | 1 comment

A Memorably Musical Summer in Austin

Don’t let your child miss out on one of Austin’s most fun-filled activities this summer. Give them a summer they’ll remember with Lone Star’s music summer camps. Our weekly rock camps let your child make the most of their summer break. From making music to making new friends, your child’s summer can be both fun and educational.
So, why should they join our Austin music summer camp? There are plenty of reasons.

Different Locations and Selections

We offer our music summer camps at all three of our Austin music school locations. Plus, our camps are held weekly to give you a selection to choose from. In case you’re looking for something closer to home and want a certain time during the summer, we have it.


Summers are a perfect time to build new friendships. At our music camp, your child can connect with others who have the same passion as themselves. We love helping kids broaden their social circle in a safe, educational environment, while having fun with others. Music is universal, so why shouldn’t their friendships be as well?

Large Musical Selection

Our camps allow your child to experiment with different instruments and music styles. You don’t have to worry about them feeling bored. Instead of sticking to the same old instrument, they’ll get to experiment with different instruments and sounds. Letting them play with other musical instruments widens their curiosity and strengthens their musical ability. The more they can learn, the more they can broaden their musical minds.

Professional Instruction

It’s great to know that your child is in good hands. Feel comfortable knowing that your child is getting professional musical instruction. At each location, we provide the best instructors for your child. Their musical skills will improve while they’re also having fun. This includes voice coaching and composing their own music. With the help from our instructors, your child can learn the basics as well as perfect their musical abilities.

Feel Like a Rock Star

On the last day, your child will perform on stage for you and others to show off the musical skills they gained that summer. It’s a great way to see their growth since the beginning of the camp. Not only do you get to see them perform on stage, but they get to feel like a rock star!

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Summers are meant to be filled with fun and exciting memories. Why not let your child explore the world of music this summer? If you’re ready to let your child have a fun, exciting, and musical summer, then register them for Lone Star School of Music’s summer camp! Call us today at (512) 712-5187 or register them online for any of our three convenient Austin locations. Let this summer be something they’ll remember.

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Why Attend Music Summer Camps in Austin? | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX