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Why We Offer a Music Class for Toddlers

Nov 30, 2016 | 1 comment

Learn More Than Just Playing an Instrument

Some people aren’t really sure what is a good age to put your child in music classes. At Lone Star School of Music, there is no fine line for our music classes. We offer a music class for toddlers to help them grow in the best ways. What exactly is so great about toddler music lessons? Believe it or not, there are many benefits for putting your child in a music class. From brain activity to social engagement, your child learns more than just playing an instrument.

Motor Development and Physical Skills

It’s important to start your child with a skill that can enhance their motor development. Our program focuses on the fine motor development skills and working to strengthen them. As your child learns to play an instrument, they learn to use their hands in a different way. Physically, your child learns how to breathe properly, using their diaphragm while singing or performing on a wind instrument. Instruments that require two hands like the violin or piano also help with simultaneously using both hands.

Growing the Brain

Learning an instrument has proved to help with brain development. At a young age, your child is able to morph their brain and build onto their creativity. This also helps them understand rhythm, patterns, and improve of their memory. As they learn a song, the memory stores in the mind as short-term memory. Eventually, the short-term memory stores as long-term memory.

Social Skills and Team Building

Having a music class for toddlers also means teaching them how to work as a team. Of course, this also means teaching your child to interact with other children musically. Musical interaction is slightly different than their typical interaction on a playground. Although they are having fun together, they are also learning to teach and listen to one another. This type of learning is similar to problem solving. As they figure out how to play their instrument, they are all learning and striving towards a similar goal together.

Patience and Self Discipline

For a toddler to have patience seems almost impossible. But as your child learns to play an instrument, they realize that it does take time to improve. It may not be right away, but the further they excel in their class, the more you’ll see how patient they’ve grown. This also includes self-discipline. Our classes let your child learn how to push themselves and achieve their goals. It will become something that your child can take and apply to anything in life.

Fun Time

We know that even though this is a class, we also like to keep it fun. Your child is still a child, which means they love play time. This doesn’t just mean play time with an instrument, but playing and getting along with their musical friends as well. The more fun they have, the more they’ll want to learn.

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Why We Offer a Music Class for Toddlers | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX