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10 Tips to Learn to Play Piano with Music Lessons

by | Feb 24, 2021 | 1 comment

Learn to Play Piano With These 10 Tips For Piano Lessons

Piano lessons Austin are a great extracurricular activity — playing the piano can increase creativity, improve agility and provide an outlet for self-expression. However, it takes a lot of dedication and patience to make progress. What should you do if you feel stuck?

The good news is, there are many ways to keep music lessons in Austin fun. With these ten tips, you can enjoy practicing and improve your musical skills when you learn to play the piano.

Tips to Learn to Play Piano Austin | Lone Star School of Music

1. Look for a School That Teaches Piano Lessons Austin

The first step is to find a local school. Though you may be tempted to try teaching yourself to play the piano, experienced teachers have a lot to offer regarding technique and theory. If you skip this foundational instruction, you may struggle with more complex arrangements later on.

Seeking piano lessons in Austin can also provide a community. Connecting with fellow students can make learning more enjoyable and provide a support network when things get tough.

2. Choose Songs You Like Playing When You Learn to Play Piano

When you learn to play piano, experts know that you’re more likely to practice if you like the music you’re playing. You can easily purchase sheet music of popular songs to augment your assigned pieces, ensuring you don’t get bored.

3. Schedule Regular Piano Lessons Austin

Like any skill, piano playing requires regular practice. It would be best if you tried to schedule piano lessons in Austin once a week to ensure your abilities continue to develop. While it’s fine to skip a class under special circumstances, you don’t want to go too long between sessions, or you may find yourself failing to progress.

4. Practice More Difficult Sections Separately

You don’t have to start at the piece’s beginning and play to the end when you practice. Instead, it would help if you practiced difficult sections separately. Once you feel confident, you can incorporate them into the entire song.

5. Take It Slow With New Music

When you get assigned a new piece in your piano lessons Austin, you should play it slowly the first few times through when you learn to play piano. Even professionals play a little slower when they sight-read, as it allows them to pick up on all the nuances in a piece. As you get more familiar with the music, you’ll be able to pick up speed.

6. Warmup Before Your Austin Piano Lessons

Just like athletes warm up before getting on the field, students should warm up before their Austin lessons when they learn to play piano. For example, you can run through your scales to get your hands loose and ready to play. You shouldn’t worry too much about playing perfectly during a warmup — think of it as practice for your practice.

7. Practice Every Day When You Learn to Play Piano

Consistency is key when you take music lessons in Austin. Every practice session builds on the last, so you should set aside time to play every day. You don’t have to sit at the bench for hours — 20 minutes a day is enough to ensure that you’re keeping up your skills without getting burnt out.

Tips to Learn to Play Piano Austin | Lone Star School of Music

8. Don’t Skip the Theory

Some students are bored by music theory since it doesn’t involve playing, but it’s a critical part of musical education. Music theory includes learning different notes, rhythms, and even some history. This information allows you to read new music. So even if you find it boring, pay attention to theory during your Austin piano lessons and do your homework when you learn to play piano.

9. Use a Metronome

Counting is an integral part of playing music, but it can be not easy if you’re a new student. If you have trouble keeping track of the rhythm and playing simultaneously, you may benefit from a metronome. These devices possess a steady count, and you can set the pace to fit the piece you’re playing.

10. Listen To Piano Music When You Learn to Play Piano

Training your ear is an essential part of learning to play an instrument, as it can help you identify when you make a mistake. To help with this training, you can record your teacher playing the assigned piece during your Austin music lessons. Similarly, if you’re learning a popular song, you can listen to a piano version online.

No matter your age, you can benefit from learning to play an instrument. That’s the Lone Star School of Music’s philosophy, which is why we offer a variety of music lessons in Austin, including piano. If you’re interested in delving into the world of music, you can find out more or sign up for classes on our website.

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10 Tips to Learn to Play Piano with Music Lessons |  Lone Star School of Music – Austin, TX