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The Truth About Austin Drum Lessons (Hint: They’re Not Really That Noisy!)

Aug 14, 2018 | 1 comment

Are you or your child interested in Austin drum lessons, but unsure if it’s right for you? Well, Lone Star School of Music is here to dispel the biggest misconceptions about drum lessons and tell you the truth!

Read on below to find out the most common misconceptions about drum lessons, what the truth is, and if Austin drum lessons are right for you or your child.

Myth #1: My child wants to play the drums, but they’re just too noisy!

At full volume, drums can indeed be very loud. But they don’t have to be. In fact, there are items that lower the volume for quieter drumming practice.

Don’t want to annoy the whole house but want to practice before your next drum lesson? Pick up a low-cost option below to muffle the sound and lower volume, also known as dampening:

  1. Drum Mufflers and Dampening Devices
  2. Practice Pads
  3. Electronic Drum Kits

And there are also great benefits to muffling your drums. Doing so can help you control the amount of resonance and tone of certain notes, among other things.

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austin drum lessons, drum lessonsHow to Muffle Your Bass Drum:

While some buy products specifically made for drum muffling, you can also see some drummers stuffing their bass drums with pillows and blankets! So no matter what your budget is, drum muffling is an option.

If you want to find specific muffling products, check out your local music store to see what they have in stock. Look for things like the Evans HQ pad or drum rings.

The point of dampening is to control the air flow in the shell.

If you decide to go the blankets and pillows route, understand that you should not fill the entire drum. If you do, it will cut off all airflow and sound flat and dead. Instead, you want to put a small amount of muffling inside your drum. Try putting just a few pillows or blankets on the bottom of your drum. That way you get the benefits of muffling without messing up the sound. If you’re having trouble getting the right sound, feel free to move your pillows around. Just make sure they don’t touch the batter head.

To muffle your snare drum and toms, pick up some Drum Gum. Drum Gum is a sticky gel-like substance that is placed on the drum’s batter head to control overtones and resonance. Put it anywhere on the drum head for best effect.

austin drum lessons, drum lessons

What are Practice Pads?

Practice pads are specifically designed to help percussionists like drummers practice without being too loud. They’re lightweight, adapted to fit a variety of needs, portable, easy to use, and affordable. Basically, you place them on top of your drums and they help lower the volume.

Practice pads are often made with mylar or elastomer stretched over a buffer with a rim of metal or plastic. The result is a similar feel to striking a drumhead without all the noise.

They range in price from as low as $19 up to several hundred dollars. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Your local music store can help you find affordable practice pads that are perfect for you.

austin drum lessons, drum lessons

Electronic Drum Kits

Finally, electronic drum kits are a great solution to noisy drum practice. Simply plug in some headphones and there’s no volume problems at all!

While electronic drum kits are more expensive than practice pads and mufflers, the convenience of being able to simply plug in headphones and practice is pretty unbeatable. In addition, they take up less space than traditional drum kits, are portable, and are easy to move around.

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drum lessons, austin drum lessons

Myth #2: We just don’t have enough room for a drum kit in the house.

We understand that looking at a drum kit may be overwhelming. They are large instruments, and just where are you going to put it in your home?

The good news is that there are alternatives to giant drum kits that won’t compromise the space in your home.

First of all, many parents and kids new to drumming don’t understand which pieces of the drum kit are necessary and which are optional. Instead of purchasing the entire kit, choose a snare, high hat, and kick drum to start out. You can learn a lot on just these pieces before needing to build out the rest of the kit!

Begin by only buying a few pieces of the drum kit – you don’t need everything at the start!

As mentioned above, electronic drum kits – like the Simmons model to the left – are also a great solution and space-saver. They are typically smaller than most traditional drum kits, meaning they won’t take up valuable space in your house. In addition, they’re not extremely heavy, easy to move around, and portable. So you can always store them somewhere else when not in use to save even more space!

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Myth #3: Drum lessons and equipment are too expensive!

As discussed earlier in this post, practice pads can be as cheap as $19. In all reality, drum lessons are for anyone on any budget, no matter how tight.

Drums are no more expensive than other popular instruments, like guitar, violin, cello, and brass instruments. Drum kits are much cheaper than buying a piano, one of the most popular instruments for music lessons.

If you really want to save money, look for used drumming equipment online or try renting drumming gear (which can be about $30 per month).

Remember – you don’t need brand new, fancy equipment to be a good drummer or learn how to play well. There are always ways to fit drum lessons into your budget.

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Now you’ve learned that drum lessons don’t have to be noisy, they won’t break your budget, and there are options if you need to save space in your home. Now that you know drum lessons are a possibility, get to know our experienced music instructors and sign up for Austin drum lessons today!