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Why Take Violin Lessons in Austin

by | Feb 15, 2017 | 2 comments

Learn to Play Violin the Austin Way

The rise of Indie and Folk Rock have made violin lessons in Austin more popular than ever. Before, the violin had a large focus on classical, concert violin, and even country music. Now, the violin is growing to be a part of more genres, which is awesome! In addition to its growing popularity, however, there are many other reasons to learn this classic instrument.

  1. Arm Strength

    The way you hold the violin can build some serious arm and shoulder strength. You position the violin on your left arm, while holding it in the same position while playing. Think of it like you’re flexing the whole time. Not only does your left arm build strength, but so does your right. Your right hand and arm guide the bow over the strings. Together, you’re building both arms and even your core.

  2. Posture Improvement

    When playing the violin, you have to have good posture. Your posture effects the way you play. The great thing is when children learn to play the violin, they start to develop great posture. Because of their young age, their posture is easily adjustable. No need to worry about future slouching. Great posture also helps with proper growth.

  3. Coordination and Motor Skills

    Like every other instrument, the violin requires hand-eye coordination. Of course, that also means being able to handle using both your left and right hand. While you learn to read music, you also have to learn which fingers to use when playing notes. You start to learn the speed and your fingers eventually pick up with the tempo. Your right arm also learns to keep up with the tempo and the bow glides over the strings, creating beautiful music.

  4. Improve Concentration

    Whether you’re playing with an orchestra or by yourself, you must have concentration in order to play. Of course, concentration isn’t the first thing you’re focused on. It becomes a skill learned from violin lessons in Austin over an extended period of time. As you learn to read music, your eyes focus on following the notes along the paper and translate them into music. Eventually, this habit stays with you and can be taken to the classroom and even work.

  5. Confidence

    Usually, after improving your music skills, most musicians start to build confidence. Hearing and even seeing your progress starts to build confidence in your performance. This confidence can transfer through to other areas besides musical performance.

  6. Sense of Community

    Just like athletes, musicians like to click with each other. They talk about their passion and enjoyment in music while also talking about their progress. Whether you’re in a group class or a private lesson, there is a sense of community between you and other musicians. It’s also a chance to build future friendships.

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