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Why You Should Take Violin Lessons

by | Mar 26, 2018 | 1 comment


Are you interested in violin lessons? Austin music school Lone Star School of Music can help you! The violin is one of the most popular instruments within the string family.

Did you know that there are more violinists used in symphony type orchestras, chamber orchestras and other ensembles than any other stringed instrument?

Increase Your Brain Capacity

Studies have shown that playing an instrument can increase your IQ up to 7 points.

Research has also shown that both listening to music and playing a musical instrument can stimulate your brain and increase your memory. So why not take violin lessons?

It has been proven that children who are involved in music are more likely to have improved maths and language skills, better memory, reasoning and problem-solving skills and develop strong motor and co-ordination skills.

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Lone Star School of Music is the premier music school for private music lessons and group music classes in Austin, TX. With 3 locations to serve you, our goal is to be the best source for quality music lessons.

Violin Lessons Can Build Self Confidence

Playing an instrument like the violin can also develop your social and teamwork skills and give you an emotional outlet to express their individuality.

When learning a new instrument, like the violin, it may seem like you’re just holding a note for a couple of beats or hitting a high pitch is an amazing accomplishment.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

violin lessons austinBenifits of Violin Lessons

  • Improved Memory and Attention Span
  • Better Overall Mental Function and Health
  • Sensory Development. Long-term high-level musical training has a broader impact than previously thought
  • Social Skills
  • A Sense of Belonging
  • An Emotional Outlet
  • Physical Benefits
  • More College Choice


These are just a few of the great benefits that come with playing the violin.


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Just knowing how to play a musical instrument, and playing it with confidence, is a satisfying and entertaining ability.

If someone were to ask you, “if you could pick from any instrument out there and know how to instantly know how to play it, what would you choose?” Surprisingly, the violin is in the top choices.

Though violins are placed in a category where people often think they are too hard to learn, too expensive, plus they have that romantic or mysterious feeling. Children who are younger in age are often fascinated with learning how to play the violin, and they should be encouraged to take violin lessons.

Something Else to Think About

 Your life will benefit in all area’s, the violin is not an instrument that requires hours and hours of practice on a daily basis. All it really takes is a little patience, willingness, and some dedication.

Lone Star School of Music can offer private lessons or group lessons, and all classes are perfect for adults, teens, children, plus beginners and pros.

“The greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life.” – Pablo Casals

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Get to Know the Violin

The violin, also known as the wooden fiddle, is no more than a carefully made hollow wooden box, with a neck similar to a guitar, and an internal sound post connecting the front and the back together.

The violin typically has four strings tuned in perfect fifths and is most commonly played by drawing a bow across its strings, though it can also be played by plucking the strings with the fingers and by striking the strings with the wooden side of the bow.

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