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Are you or your child interested in taking singing lessons in Austin? Become part of our musical family here at Lone Star School of Music and learn more than just how to sing! We create an uplifting and friendly environment for all of our students, making learning fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to sing like Beyonce or Brendon Urie, we’ll show you how to use that voice.

8 Benefits of Taking Music Lessons Austin

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Music lessons Austin aren’t just a way to fill some free time. Musical instruction offers myriad benefits of the emotional, mental, and physical variety. The skills required to play any instrument or sing can translate to other aspects of your life, making lessons a worthwhile investment on top of being downright fun. Below are eight ways you can benefit from pursuing instruction in your preferred instrument. It’s Fun First and foremost, instrument and voice lessons Austin are fun hobbies. Many Read More

Which Music Lessons are Right for You?

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If you’re looking for the best music lessons “near me” come to Lone Star School of Music. With tons of instruments and classes to choose from, there’s sure to be something that piques your interest. Here at the Lone Star School of Music, we guarantee you will find something just for you! We offer an exciting selection of genres that are sure to please you. Register now to learn how to play your instrument faster than you can imagine.   Read More

5 Reasons To Take Austin Voice Lessons

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Let Your Voice Be Heard Austin voice lessons help turn singing into more than just ‘singing along’. Don’t waste your time singing behind closed doors, in the car, or dancing in front of the bathroom mirror. . Let your voice be heard! If you’ve decided that you’ve wanted to get into singing, or if you want to improve on your singing skills, Lone Star School of Music provides voice lessons that are off the charts. With three locations in Austin, TX, Lone Star School of Read More

Why Learning How to Sing Starts With Voice Lessons

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How to Sing vs How to Become a Star When it comes to learning how to sing, popular TV shows and movies can give us a very skewed impression of what it takes. Instead of showing the reality of how to learn to sing, they give a more accurate picture of how to become a star. And even then you only get to watch the final sprint of someone’s epic, decade-long marathon. Hits like NBC’s America’s Got Talent and the Read More