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As a student, you learn something, then you use it for a while and get very familiar with it until you get bored of your own playing. Then comes a period of input again and the whole process starts over again. Of course your self perception is always much more critical than how others judge you. You have to keep learning and be critical of your achievements, yet exude confidence. Samuel Becket once said “try again, fail again, fail better,” and sociologist Richard Sennet suggested that “failure was the great taboo of modern times.”

Ways to Prepare for Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons Austin

Music Lessons Austin Music lessons are the best way to learn how to play an instrument. However, lessons are costly. This is why you should maximize each experience. To get the most of each lesson, it is not only what you do during class that matters, but what you do outside of class that makes a huge difference. It comes down to how you prepare and if you are putting what you learned to good use! At Lone Star School Read More