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If you’re looking for drum lessons near Austin, TX, then look no further. Lone Star School of Music boasts some of the best music instructors in Texas.

We offer drum lessons in Austin at 4 locations. You can choose from private or group music lessons. We instruct to all ages: adults, teens, children, beginners, and pros!

If you’re not into drums, then check out some of the other instruments that we offer lessons for. You are sure to find something that piques your interest.

See our extensive list of instructors here – Instructors 

If you’re ready to get started with your first drum lesson, give us a call at 512-598-4171.

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How are Practice Pads Good for New Drummers?

Drum kit for drumming lessons

If you are a budding drummer and don’t own a set of practice pads yet, then there isn’t a lot you can do when you get home from your first drumming lessons. Practice pads, as the name suggests, will help you hone your skills anywhere (as long as your beats don’t pop out the top of someone’s head)! These drum pads are frame mountable, or even laptop/desktop/stand mountable. Now you may be wondering if you really need those practice pads, Read More

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Drums

drum lessons in Austin

Are you ready to take that step towards learning to play drums by enrolling for drum lessons? Signing up for drum lessons is a great place to start. You may be wondering how long it takes to learn to play drums. Well, the amount of time will depend on several factors like your inherent musical talent, whether you have played other instruments and your commitment to practice. Following these guidelines will speed up the process, and you will be drumming Read More