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Special Needs Music Lessons

by | Jan 7, 2019 | 1 comment

Special needs music lessons. It’s not something you really ever thought about. But then your child’s teacher suggested it might benefit your son.

As you mull over the idea you wonder, “Can music lessons really help him? And is there such a thing as special needs music lessons?”

If you’re wondering about the benefits of music lessons, read on. 

Music lessons help people express themselves in new ways. 

Can Music Help Children With Special Needs?

special needs music lessons

As a parent you might wonder how, or if, music can really help your child. On the one hand, you know learning music will be a fun and creative outlet for them. On the other, you’re worried that your child may have a hard time learning.

We understand. You don’t want to push your child into something that could possibly frustrate them. And while music can seem frustrating at first, with the right instructors it can be really helpful. In fact, music can help lots of children with special needs.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

special needs music lessons

Music lessons for children on the autism spectrum can be really life-changing. Take Quinn, for example. Like most people on the spectrum he had a hard time communicating. According to his loving mother, Quinn didn’t say much save for the few things he memorized. 

Then he started taking music lessons at Lone Star School of Music. Now, with drum sticks in hand, Quinn had a new way to communicate and express himself.  Music allowed him to open more and even sing. 

As Quinn’s story really shows, special needs music lessons can do a lot – and not just for children with autism.

Music Can Help Children With Down Syndrome

special needs music lessons

As we have talked about before, special needs music lessons have many benefits for children with Down Syndrome. One strong benefit is fine motor skills.

For many people with down syndrome, fine motor skills might be difficult to master. It’s something they’ll have to deal with for a large part of their lives. But as one Lone Star student with Down Syndrome learned, drum lessons can help.

Meet Jane. Ever since Jane was little, her father knew she’d had trouble with motor skills. He also knew that Jane was a bright student, if only there was a way to reach her. That’s when he signed her up for drum lessons at Lone Star School of Music. 

Not only did she learn how to rock a good beat, but she also improved her motor skills! Once more, because she now has a newfound love of music, she’s learning to make friends and socialize with others. Now that’s a drum beat we can also dance to!

Lone Star can handle many learning differences.

Yes, Music Lessons Can Help the Hearing Impaired

special needs music lessons

If music has taught us anything, it’s that everyone enjoys rocking out – even people with impaired hearing. One musical instructor credit’s piano lessons for making her the person she is today. 

Jane was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss at a young age.  This lead to shyness and uneasiness about being her unique self. Then, at age 9, she started taking piano lessons. As she learned how to play, she also learned to be confident in herself and her voice. 

Taking piano lessons opened many doors for her, like speaking at the 
Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and sold-out music competitions. 

Lone Star is an Autism Friendly Business

special needs music lessons

We know that one of the most important things parents think about is education. When your child has unique learning needs you worry how teachers will handle them. 

You don’t have to worry with Lone Star. Not only do we have music lessons for the hearing impaired, but we are also are an official “Autism-Friendly Business!” This means that we are certified to teach children on the spectrum. 

Many Lone Star music instructors can also teach people with down syndrome. We can work with whatever learning needs you or your child have. Take a look at our faculty page to see which instructors offer special needs music lessons.

Get Special Needs Music Lessons from Lone Star Today

If your child is interested in music, get special needs music lessons today from Lone Star School of Music. We have lessons for many musical instruments, with group and private lesson offerings with numerous instructors.

Best of all, you get to pick a location and time that is most convenient for you and your schedule! Choose from 4 convenient locations across the Austin area: LakewayDripping Springs,  and Southwest Austin. Register now!

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