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Learn to Play Piano with Online Piano Lessons

Jan 20, 2021 | 1 comment

Are you interested in enrolling in piano music lessons Austin, but you’re not sure if in-person instruction is right for you? You don’t have to sacrifice your passion for music because of distance or scheduling issues. Online piano lessons are a great way for students of all ages to study this popular instrument. By setting yourself up for success and matching with the right instructor, you can learn to develop your piano skills without having to leave the comfort and security of your home.

The Benefits of Online Piano Lessons Austin

Online Piano Lessons Austin | Lonestar School of Music

These days, it can be tough to add another thing to your personal or family schedule. Getting to piano lessons on time can be a struggle, especially when balancing work, school, childcare, errands, and other responsibilities. Online piano lessons mean families with young children don’t have to haul siblings along for the ride or find a sitter for weekly instruction. Professional adults with limited scheduling flexibility can choose a time that works with their needs. Everyone can save on fuel costs, take extra health precautions, and learn even when unexpected weather issues arise.

Learning to Play the Piano Online at Home

Whether you’re taking lessons online or in person, you’ll need to make some preparations first. Online piano lessons in Austin require just a little extra planning so you can be ready for this more flexible classroom setting.

Purchase a Keyboard or Piano

To practice, you’ll need an instrument in your home. While pianos can be a bit of an investment, you can often find less expensive options if you’re starting and don’t already own a piano. Search local for-sale ads, and you’ll likely see some used upright pianos for a very reasonable price. You can also opt for a keyboard, which works well for those with other members in their household. This way, you can use headphones to practice anytime without disturbing others. However, make sure you choose an option that’s full-sized and has weighted keys.

Create a Good Lesson and Practice Schedule

Many music instructors who offer online options are a bit more flexible when it comes to availability. However, make sure you choose a slot that will allow you to step away from other household responsibilities without interruption. It may be helpful to select the same time of day for practice and online piano lessons to be more successful at sticking to a routine.

Setup a Virtual Music Classroom

Since you’ll be meeting online with your instructor, it’s important that you set up a virtual music classroom in your home. These tips can help you create a great space while ensuring each lesson runs smoothly.

Start By Testing Your Internet Connection

If your piano or keyboard is in a dead zone in your home, you’ll need to relocate. Constant buffering or delays will make a good online lesson experience impossible. Test out a few options to find the perfect spot with the optimum signal or internet speed.

Enhance the Space With Lots of Lighting

Online Piano Lessons Austin | Lonestar School of Music

Your instructor will need to see you well, so make sure there’s plenty of light for better visuals. Set up some extra lighting in front of you and not behind you for the best results.

Get a Hands-Free Stand for Your Device

There’s no way you can handle a mobile device or laptop while playing the piano but balancing it on a nearby table may not be the best idea. You’ll need to position the camera so your teacher can see more than just your face; they should be able to see your body, your hands, and the keys as well. A hands-free stand may be the best solution so that you can position your device properly. Then, your teacher can check for position, posture, and technique, as well as note accuracy.

Enjoy Online Piano Lessons No Matter Where Life Takes You

With online piano lessons, you can enjoy more convenience and flexibility while pursuing your passion for music. However, virtual lessons aren’t just for piano lovers; Lonestar School of Music offers online options for voice and guitar lessons in Austin as well. Contact our team of music pros to learn about all of our online and in-person music lessons and classes. We can help match you with the perfect instructor, instrument, and setting so you can get the best music experience around.

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