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How Music Lessons for Kids Are Just as Great as Sports

Jan 15, 2017 | 1 comment

Develop Their Mind and Body

Many parents signs their kids up for soccer or baseball without another thought, but how about music lessons for kids? Many parents don’t realize it, but there’s a lot that music does that’s similar to sports. As your child develops, it’s important to mold them. You have to shape their body as well as  their mind. With the help of music lessons, your child can positive development, both physically and mentally.


Creativity is important for any child’s mind. It allows them to use parts of their brain and build their cognitive abilities, both creatively and analytically. Studying music allows the child to use different parts of the brain while they learn and even create their own form of music. Creativity and academics go hand-in-hand. For many students, music lessons for kids becomes about more than just the music. Their brains start to develop, making their mind sharper.


Similar to sports, music allows children to learn about self-discipline. Likewise, they have to learn how to push themselves to become better musicians. They learn at a young age to practice outside of their music classes and work hard to train themselves. In the long run, this allows children to become familiar with hard work and dedication. They learn to set goals, push themselves, and continually improve themselves in any field, whether in music, school, or even friendships.

Independence and Teamwork

Just like sports, musicians must learn how to perform by themselves as well as with each other. At a young age, your child learns how to become independent. They learn to stand by themselves. Not only can they stand by themselves, but they learn about working together as a team. In a musical group, it is similar to a sports team. Your child learns how to work with other kids. It’s not about who stands out the most, but what they can create by working together. Playing together, they learn to provide support and constructive feedback.

Motor Development and Skills

Many people put their children in sports to help with their child’s development of motor skills. Music lessons for kids help work their body and their mind together in tandem. Their hands and brain work together to follow beats provided by music. Your child works both hands, depending on the musical instrument. Identifying rhythm, melodies, and music tones becomes easier for them to identify.

Hand-Eye Coordination

If your child is playing an instrument, they learn to develop hand-eye coordination just like an athlete. As your child learns to read music, their hands and fingers start to naturally read the notes on the sheet.


Goals are involved in both music and sports. As an athlete, a child becomes familiar with setting and meeting goals within the sport. It’s the same thing with a musician. A musician must set goals, whether big or small, and work hard to reach them. Learning how to set and achieve goals at a young age is beneficial for your child, especially for later on in life.

Register Your Child in Music Lessons for Kids

Although they may seem different, music lessons and sports are very similar. Let Lone Star School of Music help mold and shape your child into a dedicated student and hard working musician. Call us today at (512) 712-5187 or register your child online for music lessons.

How Music Lessons for Kids is Just as Great as Sports | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX