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5 Reasons Music Lessons are Good for All Ages

by | Dec 25, 2021 | 1 comment

The benefits of voice lessons in Austin are important at any age. It engages each person uniquely but can benefit us all. Having music lessons in Austin as an option that you can do both online and in person allows you to enjoy music, learn more about it, and take your musical obsession to the next level.  

Music is good for the brain, especially if you have trouble concentrating in school or think your child acts out too much. Studies show that children who take music lessons have increased their IQ scores by an average of 7 points after one year. Also, children who do music activities outside of school usually score better on math and reading tests than those who don’t make music outside of school. Curious what some of the other benefits of music lessons in Austin are? We have a bunch! 

Music Lessons in Austin Are Good for the Whole Body

Music is not only good for the brain; it’s also good for the whole body. Studies show that both adults and children learn to be more attentive when listening to classical piano or classical guitar music because it slows down their breathing rate. It also makes people feel relaxed so they can focus better. Music can help relax everyone from babies to seniors, allowing for lower blood pressure, increased attention, and more enjoyment whenever music comes on. 

Music is a Stress Buster

Another reason music is good for everyone, including the elderly, is that it helps decrease stress and anxiety. It can also help patients get better faster in hospitals by reducing their pain and making them feel calm and relaxed again. Between playing or singing music and listening to music, many people feel more comfortable when music is around. By opting to learn how to sing or play an instrument, you take your ability to relieve stress and make it into a proactive activity.

You Can Learn Increased Responsibility with Music 

Music lessons are beneficial to people of all ages because while we take them, we learn discipline. These lessons teach us how to follow instructions to succeed at following other instructions throughout our lives, such as what’s written on a test or what’s expected of us in school. Also, musicians learn perseverance by doing activities they don’t enjoy, like practicing an instrument for hours or weeks to play with others someday.

Music Lessons Improve Creativity 

Another benefit of music lessons in Austin is learning creativity which comes naturally with playing an instrument or singing. You can go beyond sheet music and improvise your melodies. Music teaches us to work together in an orchestra or band because we all have different parts but need to sound like one when we play our instruments in unison.

We also learn the value of teamwork in sports, theater productions, or school plays when everyone must do their part perfectly, or it can lead to the entire production being off. It just wouldn’t be the same if only one person could sing while everyone else stood there staring at them with no accompaniment! 

Music Helps Teach Increased Coordination

Lastly, reading notes improves reading comprehension in subjects such as science and social studies, where students are expected to read textbooks before class discussions.  Studying musical notation improves one’s ability to complicated ideas quickly by promoting eye-hand coordination. The more a person practices their music lessons, the better their newfound skills become, and the more effective their musical talents become, as well. 

Lone Star School of Music Serves Austin, TX and the Surrounding Areas 

Music lessons are beneficial not only to the musician but also to those around them. Everyone in a band or orchestra has their part that makes the music sound just as it should. Also, teamwork is required for other productions, such as theater and school plays. Lastly, music helps students with reading comprehension, which can improve grades in all other subjects. These are just some of the reasons why music lessons are good for all ages! If you want to learn more, reach out to us at the Lone Star School of Music today. Let us help coordinate your music lessons in Austin or even online! You will be glad you did.

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5 Reasons Music Lessons is Good for All Ages |  Lone Star School of Music – Austin, TX