Music Lessons

Toddler Music Lessons

Join us for a high energy music lessons for toddlers to get your child rockin’ and rollin’! In Wee Rock!, your child will learn songs while getting hands on experience playing the violin, guitar, piano, and percussion.

Having Fun with Music

In between songs, we also play games to help focus on numbers, colors, and high/low sounds. Movement is continual throughout the class as we wiggle, shake, and dance. We also freestyle jam and take opportunities in class to play ANY instrument on hand to form our Wee Rock! Band.

Bonding with Others

Successful experiences in music help children bond emotionally and intellectually with others. This bonding is through creative expression in song, rhythmic movement, and listening experiences. “For our Level 1, the child and caretaker join the fun and learn together. For our Level 2, caretakers are welcome in the class, lobby, or we request that you stay near. We are located in a shopping center, which allows you to walk around if you'd like. We do ask that if your child is not potty trained, please stay in our lobby during class time.

Register Your Child for Music Lessons for Toddlers

Getting your toddler involved with music at a young age has many benefits. From creativity to bonding with friends, our music lessons are great for any child! Let your toddler have fun while learning music! Call us now at [phone] or register below to start your toddler today! Wee Rock Group Class | Lone star School of Music, Austin TX Level 1 (Age 0-3) Day: Saturday (weekly) Time: 10:10-11am Cost: $65 per month (25% discount for your second child in the same Wee Rock Class)   Level 2 (Age 3-5) Day: Wednesday (weekly) Time: 10:10am-11am Cost: $65 per month (25% discount for your second child in the same Wee Rock Class)   **Class is charged on a per month basis**” Wee Rock Group Class - Music Lessons For Toddlers

Kids Music Lessons

  Little Rock is designed to introduce your child to lots of different musical instruments and styles! It is a great foundation program for budding musicians.

They'll learn about Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Mandolins and cover various musical styles such as Rock, Country, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Bluegrass and More!

Guitar Dojo - Group Guitar Lessons

Become a Rock Star Taking group guitar lessons is a fun and great way to learn the guitar, especially if your child is just starting out. At Lone Star School of Music, we make sure that our students feel comfortable as they slowly advance their performance. Like many places, we have beginner guitar lessons, as well as intermediate and advanced. It’s important for our students fully understand the material for them to improve as musicians. Our instructors will work with them to make sure they feel confident with their performance.

Why Group Lessons?

Like any music school, Lone Star School of Music provides you with the choice of either private or group lessons. With group lessons, your child can meet children with the same passion and level of skill in their class. In our beginner guitar lessons, your child could make potential friends, where they will all grow and learn together. It builds future relationships which can help aid and even strengthen your child’s musical potential. With group lessons, everyone works and learns at the same pace, making sure no one feels left out. Having peers work with you also helps your child and others build each other and push themselves. It’s a matter of working together as a team to achieve their musical goals.

A Simple Strum Goes a Long Way

It’s amazing what learning an instrument can do, especially the guitar. Our classes not only create future musicians but also have a lot of impact outside of music. Check out our blogs below.

Take Group Guitar Lessons with Lone Star

If your child wants to learn how to play guitar, let them learn it the Austin way with Lone Star School of Music! Call us today at [phone] or register your child online. Build friendships while learning to become a rockstar today!

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Group Guitar Lessons | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX

Adult Group Guitar Lessons

Find Your Inner Rockstar and Attend Our Group Guitar Lessons for Adults GREAT Holiday Gift! Reserve a spot NOW! Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons - $65/Month Never picked up a guitar before? Desperately seeking your inner rockstar? This class is for you! In our adult group guitar lessons, you'll learn all the basics:

Group Music Theory Lessons

Have you ever wanted to understand how the music you love works? Interested in developing the skills to play by ear or sight read better? If so, then music theory is what you need! Our Group Music Theory Class in Austin, TX, is designed to teach you the basics of music theory and beyond! Designed for students of all ages with basic music reading skills