Westlake Music School

Lone Star School of Music Westlake

Music School has been a staple in the West Lake community.  On September 1st, 2015 the Lone Star School of Music purchased the Strum facility. It has been renovated and transformed to Lone Star’s Westlake music school. This is the third and latest Lone Star School of Music location.
Located on Bee Cave Road and Bulian lane is the Lone Star School of Music West Lake location.  The Lone Star School of Music West Lake has seven oversized private lesson rooms.  Upon entering the first room is our new band room. This room is complete with a keyboard, guitar amps and a drum kit.  This room is perfect for someone wanting to take lessons either with their band or in a band setting.  Right of our new band room is our dedicated drum room.  At the Lone Star School of Music we are very proud to only use the finest drum equipment.  The West lake location also has a Vocal room.  This room has a high tech vocal monitor to better help hear your voice they way others hear you.  Our other rooms are set up to teach everything from ukulele to piano lessons.

The Lone Star School of Music is surrounded by great shopping and restaurants.  We know that your time is valuable so we have a dedicated student drop off area.  If you would like to stay at our school during the lessons there that is great.  We have two waiting rooms with free Wifi, water, reading material and great music.

This is a great time to sign up for lessons at Lone Star School of Music West Lake. Every week there are new improvements going on at the school.  We are turning our West Lake location into what is expected for the prestigious West Lake community.  We plan on adding more than ten new types of lessons as well as start our group lessons.  We are also adding a Lone Star School of Music staple: our Recording and DJ room.  All students of Lone Star School of Music when ready get to be recorded and take home either a CD or MP3.
When you are in the West Lake area and want to view our new location please feel free to stop by. Our staff will show you and your family all our new improvements and make sure we can find a lesson that will help you improve your musical skills.