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We’re glad to say we’re continuing to expand across Austin. On the corner of Lakeway Blvd and Ranch Road 620 lies the latest Lone Star location; Lone Star School of Music Lakeway. Over the summer, the building will transform into the largest and most modern music school in Lakeway. The project will include building rooms, parking lots, a large customer patio and beautiful landscaping. Lone Star School of Music is proud to bring back and rebuild a stable building in the city of Lakeway. More importantly, we’re excited to bring our fun, quality music lessons to this great city.

The Building

When you walk into our school, our friendly front desk staff is there to greet you. They are always there to answer questions, help out with registering and schedule changes. Since we offer multiple types of music lessons, we need to have rooms that can accommodate with our lessons. The first two rooms you will see when walking in are multipurpose rooms equipped with pianos and guitar amps. In these rooms, we can teach most instruments and voice lessons. Our third room will house or drum room. In late 2016 early 2017, Lone Star invested in creating ideal drum lesson rooms. All of Lone Star School of Music’s multiple drum rooms have two drum kits, allowing your teacher to play along with the student or have the option for two drum students to play together. The latter setup is very popular with parents wanting to take lessons with their child.

Large Groups

Our large group room will have exciting lessons for groups of up to 10 students. These group lessons include our toddler music class (1-3), kids group music lessons (5-9), kids group guitar (6-13), adult group guitar and our summer camps. Our group lessons are a great way to get your child or yourself playing music and making friends.

Music Production

Any Lone Star School of Music location would not be complete without a DJ and Music Production room. Music production is a popular lesson since home recordings are extremely affordable and also sound amazing. In these lessons, we show you how to create a song from beginning to end. With digital recordings, you do not need to know how to play an instrument to make hit songs. Our DJ lessons are also gaining popularity because your initial investment can be less than a hundred dollars. By just taking a few months of DJ lessons you or your child will be able to impress all your friends and family at your next holiday party.

Register for Classes at Our Lakeway Location

Lone Star School of Music looks forward to serving you in the Lakeway area. We look forward to continuing to spread our knowledge and love of music to the Austin community. If you have any questions or want to register early before classes fill up call us today at (512) 712-5187. We look forward to having you join the Lone Star family.

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