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Learn To Play These Top 5 Genres With Guitar Lessons Austin

by | Sep 15, 2020 | 1 comment

Taking guitar lessons Austin is among the most rewarding things you can do in life. Learning to play a musical instrument can be a freeing and creativity inducing experience. Also, playing music is a great social tool, helping many introverted personalities express themselves and make friends. If you’re interested in playing the guitar, then you will need to narrow down your interests and find a specific genre to start with. Keep in mind that just because you start with a particular genre does not mean that you need to stick with it throughout your playing. The initial genre only helps to learn the fundamentals of the guitar, which eventually makes learning other genres easier. To help you make your decision, below are the five most popular genres to get started on the guitar.

  1. RockElectric Guitar Guitar Lessons Austin

Rock music lessons Austin are common for beginners. The genre is synonymous with the electric guitar and bass, but several songs also incorporate the acoustic. While rock music is a variation of blues, it differs in technique and skill. For beginners, rock music may be a little too advanced because of intricate fingering patterns and rifts. However, that does not mean a newcomer should be discouraged from learning rock music. The genre is expansive, and many songs are suitable for new players. Know that many tunes will require more dedication and hard work to master. However, especially in this quarantine lifestyle, who doesn’t have a little extra time to focus on a new hobby?

  1. Country and Bluegrass

You cannot get any more traditional than country or bluegrass. These two guitar genres are tied to the south and mountain regions. While the acoustic guitar is often the tool of conventional country and bluegrass, the electric guitar has gained popularity over the last few decades. If you want to learn to play guitar, then country or bluegrass are a great place to start. The songs vary in complexity and structure, which means any practitioner has room to develop with hundreds, if not thousands of pieces. If you can, find an instructor with some country or bluegrass roots to learn flat-picking and finger-style guitar.

  1. Jazz

If you are looking for the best genre for self-expression, then jazz is for you. However, learning to play jazz is not easy, and it takes time and dedication to learn music theory and improvisation. While, like any genre of guitar playing, there are basic chord progressions, jazz is about the mastery of harmony and sound. This genre may take the longest to feel competent, and you may never consider yourself a master as the genre is always evolving. Jazz is about experimentation and expression, which means an understanding of the sound design and melody are crucial, so finding a teacher for guitar lessons Austin with significant experience is a must.

  1. BluesA minor Chord Guitar Lessons Austin

If you want to play an electric or acoustic guitar, blues is the genre for you, especially if you’re going to connect with early American music. There is nothing more American than blues guitar. This genre even has a unique chord progression or scale, known as the blues scale, which will be a fundamental part of your guitar education. A music school Austin will help you learn the famous chords, riffs, and swing of the blues’ greats. You will also practice vocalizing on the guitar to create that unique blues’ sound. This genre is an excellent choice for a beginner because of the approachability of the music.

  1. Classical

Classical guitar is by far the most demanding genre. While you can begin with classical, remember that you will not experience quick results. The techniques necessary to play this style are incredibly challenging, which means it will take more time and dedication to master. However, because of the versatility of the style, you can easily transition into other styles like folk later on. The beauty of classical is that it is timeless, which means there is almost always a time to play it, whether at family gatherings or performances.

What music genre interests you the most? Do you want to learn the roots of the guitar with styles like country or blues, or are you interested in learning the more demanding styles like classical? Contact the instructors at Lonestar School of Music to find out more about genres and guitar lessons Austin.


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