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Learn To Play Guitar With Acoustic Guitar Lessons by Lone Star School of Music

by | Aug 18, 2021 | 1 comment

On the lookout for guitar lessons? Then you have come to the right place! Learning how to play the acoustic guitar is not only a fun challenge, but it can also be easy when you take the time to do it. Rushing the process could lead to frustration, so we recommend that you play for a while, then take a break. Make sure to come back when you can relax, focus, and enjoy. Here are the starter tips we recommend for your first Lone Star acoustic guitar lessons in Austin. 

How to Begin Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic guitar lesson

When you are starting acoustic guitar lessons, the first thing you need to learn is chords. These chords are the basis of every song you will play. They also get your hands used to holding the guitar, moving your fingers, and even holding the pick properly. The first two chords to learn will be the A2 chord and the D2 chord. Each only requires you to use two fingers on the strings, but make sure your fingers come straight down. If you do not have your fingers directly on your fingertips, they will hang over other strings and change the chord you play.

To play A2, you will place a finger on the third string of your guitar and a finger on the fourth string of your guitar between the first and second frets on the neck. Push firmly, so the strings do not move when you strum. For this chord, practice counting to four evenly, and each time you get to one, strum again.

To play D2, you will place one finger on the fourth string between the first and second fret, and a second finger on the fifth string, between the second and third fret. Make sure to push firmly with your fingertips here, too. Now, to strum, you will count to four again, but instead of strumming just on one, you will strum with each number to begin a rhythm.

Once you feel comfortable with each note and strum pattern, try mixing them up some. Count to four with an A2 on the one, but move your fingers to the D2 position so once you hit one again, you can begin with the D2 strumming on each number. Many songs use these simple chords as their backdrop, so pick a song and try playing along. 

Ways of Making All Types of Guitar Lessons More Fun

One thing that you can do to make your guitar lessons a bit more fun is to play along with a song you like. When you are first starting, you will not be able to play every note. However, if you can strum the chords along with songs you like, it helps you keep rhythm and time during the song. Plus, the duet can be a fun and interesting way to see what skills you have picked up as you go.

Another tip for making guitar lessons fun is to make sure you do them regularly. You will find that you begin to look forward to them in no time. You should try and challenge yourself to see what movements between chords you can do easily. If you find yourself struggling, then try a different pattern or method of holding your hands. Just make sure you always hold your elbow close to your body when playing. This makes it easier to move around and remain comfortable.

Woman playing acoustic guitar

Finally, invite them to join in if you happen to have some friends who either know how to play or would be willing to learn with you. This can be a lot of fun and have everyone laughing in no time. By bringing your friends into the mix, you can turn your lessons from practice time into fun time that gives you memories you will treasure for years to come. 

For More About Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Austin, Contact Lone Star School of Music

Come and learn how to play the acoustic guitar today. Here at Lone Star School of Music, we want your acoustic guitar lessons to be fun and build on one another. Call us today to get started with our music lessons and see how fun learning to play the guitar can be. We can’t wait to hear what type of music you will be playing in no time at all!

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Learn To Play Guitar With Acoustic Guitar Lessons by Lone Star School of Music |  Lone Star School of Music – Austin, TX