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What is the Best Age to Start Kids Music Lessons?

by | Aug 15, 2016 | 2 comments

When to Start Music Lessons for Kids

Being a music school, you can imagine how many times parents ask about what is the best age to start kids music lessons. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. There are, however, many guidelines.

Just as each instrument has its own physical demands, however, every kid has their own personality. Some children’s hands are too small for the piano at age 5. Others can be too weak to push down nylon guitar strings with only their fingertips at age 6. Still others lack the air support to play a brass instrument until the age of 10. Plus, we must consider holding up that large heavy metal instrument for long lengths of time.

The last thing we want to do is discourage young learners from enjoying music. Above all, one thing remains true. No one is ever too young, or too old, to love music. We believe music can be enjoyed at any age, from prenatal to 100+ years. The language of music has the power to speak to us at all ages in our life.

Kids Music Lessons – Early Group Lessons (0-5)

Some of the most successful musicians today credit their passion and love for music to exposure to music at an early age. Furthermore, studies continue to find connections between the study of music and cognitive development.

We embrace the early childhood music experience with group music lessons for kids typically considered ‘too young’ for private lessons. Our ‘Wee Rock’ group class are designed to give children hands-on music experiences with the piano, guitar, drums, violin, and singing. As movement is crucial to learning music at this age, our wee rock musicians wiggle, shake, and dance their way through 50 minutes of music time, once a week.

For some kids, making music is as natural as crawling and walking. For others, it is an uncomfortable struggle of not wanting individual attention. Group lessons allow both types to practice and enjoy music in a safe, comfortable environment.

Kids Music Lessons – Early Private Lessons (4-8)

Mental Focus & Concentration Level

Although we gladly teach children that are ready private music lessons by age 4, this tends to be the exception. Typically, children see the biggest benefit when they begin private lessons at ages 5-7.

This is especially true if they are accustomed to sitting and focusing for extended periods. Children with experience in structured programs, such as structured home learning, day care, Montessori, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or Grade School, show a greater ability to sit and focus for the entire lesson.

Physical Ability & Suitability

Finding the right instrument for your son or daughter is often just as much about physical ability as it is about preference. For example, one would never give a five year old a 35 lb. brass tuba, even if it was their favorite instrument in the whole world. The weight, the size, and sheer lung power needed to produce a simple noise would be absolutely discouraging for anyone under the age of 12.

Children need an instrument that they can comfortably hold, and from which they can succeed at producing a variety of sounds, even if it might require more than a little practice.

Recommended First Instruments for Kids

For Austin parents that want to start private music lessons for kids around the same time they are starting preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten, we encourage them to try piano, guitar, singing, or violin. Each of these instruments has a long history of child performers. Plus, they do not require much skill for producing a first note or melody.

Our expert kids’ music lesson teachers can help decide where your child may find the most success, depending on their individual physical ability and concentration level.

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What is the Best Age to Start Kids Music Lessons? | Lone Star School of Music, Austin, TX