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How Kids Guitar Lessons Encourage Versatility

by | Mar 18, 2016 | 1 comment

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Can giving kids guitar lessons actually make them more versatile? There are numerous scientific studies that show the effect of music on brain development. Instruments, however, are not all created equal and different ones aid in developing different traits that may not be readily considered. Guitars are one of the most versatile instruments and learning to play one can make a child more versatile also. We decided to sit down and share the various ways learning to play the guitar encourages versatility in children.


  1. Guitar can play a lead melody or accompanying chords. The guitar fills many roles in musical pieces. It can be the lead instrument or it can join with other instruments to harmonize. Each role brings out a different set of skills and tones. I addition, the guitar can be acoustic or electric, creating even more of a variety. This can teach kids that they can fill different roles and still be valuable.
  2. Guitar can play solo or part of a group/band. The guitar is often played solo in one type of music while being part of the group in other types. This allows children to learn that sometimes they can stand alone but other times they must work with a team in order to succeed.
  3. Can be played sitting down, or on the go. Unlike some instruments, the guitar is easy to transport and can be played in the way the musician is most comfortable. This teaches kids that everyone feels comfortable in different ways and that each way is okay.
  4. Easy to play favorite songs or make up new ones. A guitar isn’t required to stick with a tune that already exists. Learning to play allows it to combine notes in different ways to create new songs. This encourages children to be willing to create and think outside the lines.
  5. Good for venting stress or having fun. Many people use music as a means to calm anger or alleviate sadness. Others simply enjoy making music. This allows children to learn that expressing emotions is normal and acceptable when done in a way that is not harmful.
  6. Good for solitude or social events. The guitar makes beautiful music whether it is played alone in a bedroom or on a stage at a social event. It doesn’t care whether one person hears it or a hundred people are listening. This allows kids to understand that we all need time alone and time with friends and both are okay to enjoy.

Kids Guitar Lessons

Music of one type or another is part of every culture and has been since the earliest of times. It helps people of many different backgrounds to communicate in a way that is easily understood by all. Not only has it proven to be good for the developing brain, but it has served many purposes through time, from telling stories to entertaining and even in healing.

Giving kids guitar lessons allows them to reap many benefits including self-confidence, dexterity, and an acceptable way to express emotions. More than that, by observing the many ways a guitar fits into the world of music, it teaches children about versatility and the joy that can come from being able to navigate many different situations. We believe that allowing children the opportunity to learn guitar will give them skills that will last a lifetime, regardless of whether they choose to continue playing over the years or not.

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How Kids Guitar Lessons Encourage Versatility | Lone Star School of Music