Jordy P

Jordy graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Music. He has taken extensive course work of Guitar Lessons and Voice lessons including Choir and Sight Singing. He completed Music Theory I and II with Ear Training/ Sight Singing. He has been playing Guitar for over 15 years with a great passion, and using it as my main accompanying instrument for singing as well. I am currently the Lead Acoustic Guitarist position at THEHEART in San Marcos. Also have experience with teaching relatives basic chords and how to play Pop songs on Guitar. And Guitar instruction for local San MArcos musicians, in preparation for local musical events. Jordy can also teach beginner piano playing and theory up to an early intermediate level

He loves to teach Music because Music is a never ending learning experience. So whenever he has the opportunity to teach, he has the opportunity to expand his own knowledge while sharing my passion and love for music for other individuals, wherever they may be in their musical journey. 
Jordy is available to teach guitar, bass, drums and piano for in person lessons on Fridays."