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Xavier D.

Xavier began his musical journey in elementary school, when he started taking weekly piano lessons. By the time Xavier reached the end of high school, he was confident that he wanted to dedicate his life to playing, teaching and creating music. Xavier earned a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Piano Performance at the University of Texas at Austin where he had the honor of studying under Jeff Hellmer.

Over the course of his college career, Xavier became an active part of the Austin Jazz, R&B, and Soul scene and now regularly performs in the Austin area. Because of his influences from jazz, classical, and contemporary music, Xavier developed a unique sound and has become a sought after keyboardist in the Austin music scene.

As a teacher, Xavier believes that learning music can foster a sense of joy and personal fulfillment and wishes every student never to lose that sense of wonder with music. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop a long lasting appreciation for music and what it can provide in one’s life.