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Samuel G.

Samuel is a recent graduate of Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, where he earned a BFA with a major in music. While his primary instrumental focus is the drum set, Sam has spent a number of years studying guitar and has been a singer all his life, participating in an all male acapella group during his 4 years at Kenyon and serving as music director for 2 of those 4 years. In college Sam played in a multitude of cover bands, one-off ensembles, and committed, long-term projects (including the Kenyon Jazz Ensemble and indie rock band Park Strangers), focusing much of his efforts in the practice room on the development of a solid jazz technique and vocabulary.

Sam also performs on a more sporadic basis in a piano trio with Austin pianist Matt Norman and bassist Rob Chase and is hard at work developing his own songs for eventual release and performance. Sam believes that the teacher should always put the student’s overall musical contentment before the achievement of “technical mastery.” He also believes that real learning and advancement can only take place when the student truly cares for and respects their chosen music – the cultivation of this respect and care is Sam’s primary goal in the classroom.