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Reuben P.

Lone Star School of Music Teacher of the Year 2017, 2018, 2019.

Surrounded by music his entire life, Reuben began taking guitar lessons at age 7, and drum lessons at age 15. He excelled in marching, symphonic, and jazz bands during high school, and majored in music education at Northeast Louisiana University. He also developed his drum set abilities by listening passionately to all types of music and practicing an extreme number of hours per day. For over 15 years he has played with rock and metal bands in the Austin area, doing live shows all around Texas, and touring in Europe. He has been teaching privately at Lone Star School of Music since 2013, and teaching drum lessons for over 20 years.

For his students, he provides custom lessons and exercises for development of musicality in drumming, reading, dexterity, smooth execution, accuracy, dynamics, speed, and manipulation of complex time signatures. Mostly, it’s just about having fun while developing new skills and talent.

“Striving to reach the boundaries of musical possibility, my goal is to constantly push my own limits and the limits of my students to new levels.”

Reuben teaches both in person and online lessons at the Lone Star Southwest Studios. He is available Monday through Thursday and Saturday. Limited space available, sign up today!