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Nick P

Nick is a multi-instrumentalist of 15 years, being now a highly proficient guitarist, pianist, ukuleleist, bassist, songwriter, producer, and audio technician. Nick has played hundreds of gigs across the country, and has recorded an album of his own. In 2016 he attended the Los Angeles College of Music for a degree in Music Composition.

In practice and in teaching, Nick places equal emphasis on music theory and skill development. When properly taught, the connections between these disciplines spark creativity and excitement in any aspiring musician. Each lesson with Nick will generally follow a “review, theory, application” structure (similar to the “review, lecture, lab” structure seen in most education institutions). Nick’s musical selections will be tailored to the tastes of each student, and can include jazz, rock and roll, blues, RnB, alternative, hip hop, funk, punk, and anything in between!

Above all else, Nick encourages creativity. Being himself a songwriter, Nick feels it paramount to remember that music is a language of emotions- and as is when learning any other language, we must steadily expand our vocabulary. Note by note, chord by chord, song by song.

Nick is available for bass, piano, guitar, and ukulele at the Dripping Springs location on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday. Call for scheduling