Nick H.

Nick Hughes


Nick’s love affair with the drums started at the age of 9, at a rock show in New Orleans. One of the drummer’s sticks went flying into the audience – Nick, naturally, caught it and started banging on the nearest bang-able surface. The drummer noticed and summoned Nick up to the stage, asking him if he was a drummer; Nick shook his head “no,” but the pro asked Nick to hit his drum. “Harder!” he said, and Nick followed. “Even harder!” he yelled, as Nick wailed on the kit. “You’re a drummer now!” And so it began.

Growing up in NOLA, Nick soaked up the sounds and sights of the city’s incomparably lively music scene, attending every jazz and funk show he could get into. He attended the University of New Orleans on a Jazz Studies scholarship, graduating in 2011 and getting real-world experience playing at some of the best music venues in New Orleans.

After graduating, Nick maintained several residencies and toured extensively, performing everywhere from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In 2016, Nick moved to Austin; since then, he’s gained a new appreciation of Waylon Jennings, brisket and Buc-ees. In his free time, he goes thrifting, explores nature, and eats a copious amount of breakfast tacos.