Luke B.

Luke Bellet - Faculty

Down Syndrome Trained
Autism Trained

I grew up the second of nine children in a musical family in Nashville, TN. My singer-songwriter mother put us in music lessons, taught us to sing together, and shared her own favorite songs and original music with us.  From a young age, I learned both the joy music can give and the work required to learn how to play it.  I fell in love with music and wrestled with my own rebellion against the rigor of practicing.

I have had numerous piano, guitar, and voice teachers.  Over the years, I have also performed in choral groups, acapella groups, cover bands, original bands, and as a solo acoustic act. I currently perform with several original acts in Austin.  I have performed a wide range of genres including pop, folk, rock, country, R&B, classical, and jazz.

In the practice room, I tailor lessons to my students’ unique personalities goals and learning styles.  I want them to discover and pursue what they enjoy about music. It is important that they make the connection between discipline and reward in their practice.  Although much of a beginner’s work has to do with repetition, once students can see how their efforts culminate in a new ability, they become more self-driven.  Whether or not they pursue music seriously down the road, this association is one that can carry into school, sports, and many other aspects of life.

Luke teaches piano, guitar, and voice.