Logan S.

Logan Smith


Teaching: Guitar, Bass, Kids Group Guitar

Logan has been playing music in Central Texas since the age of 12. Beginning with the violin in the fifth grade, his love of music has progressed into a career focusing on double bass, electric bass, and guitar. He has been a bassist in several different bands playing music including rock, blues, folk, and church music.

In addition to playing in these bands, he has also expanded his musical career to teaching others to play and love music as he does. After graduating from high school, Logan went on to attend Baylor University, and he graduated in 2010 with a degree in music education with an emphasis in double bass. During this time, he had many meaningful teaching experiences including tutoring, student teaching, and playing in orchestra and small ensembles. Logan has a passion for music that he hopes to share with others as he mentors and trains children and teens to play bass and guitar.

He and his beautiful wife recently moved from Waco to Austin to be closer to the music scene and to further his career in the music industry.