Laura H.


Raised in a musical family, Laura has been playing the violin for twenty years. Her first band consisted of her father on guitar and John Denver’s guitar player Steve Weisberg which fostered her love for performing. As well as playing fiddle, she was trained classically in Dallas, TX performing in the Dallas Youth Orchestra and New Conservatory of Dallas.

She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in music from College of Charleston in 2011 and went on to complete her Masters in Music and PhD (all but dissertation) at Texas Tech University. While attending TTU, Laura taught music history at the university and private violin and fiddle lessons to local children where she discovered the transformative power of learning music through the excitement and joy of her students.

She is trained in the Mark O’Connor violin method but believes in using multiple sources for teaching the instrument to individualize every lesson.

In addition to academia she toured in Texas country band, Flatland Cavalry. She subsequently recorded on various studio albums, performed in numerous venues across the United States, and is published in the 2016 Yearbook of Traditional Music. Music fosters an amazing community and spirit of which Laura hopes to share through her love of music and passion for teaching students of all backgrounds.