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Jason B.

Jason is a Multi-Instrumentalist, DJ, and Music Producer from Houston, Texas. When he was 10 years old, he began taking piano lessons, before also taking up drums and percussion, within three years he was teaching himself guitar and bass while exploring orchestral composition. At 15, Jason began training to become a live sound engineer, a pursuit that would eventually lead him to the recording studio, where he found a passion for music production. Jason enrolled in a songwriting school at the age of 17, becoming a teacher and in-house producer within two years. After graduating high school, Jason interned at 226 Recordings, a recording studio in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. When he turned 21, he formed the electro-pop duo Drop Out Vegas with his fellow teacher, Skyler James. Drop Out Vegas toured the country and found success on Spotify, where they reached #2 on the Viral Spotify Charts. After Skyler and Jason put the band on hiatus, Jason enrolled in Berklee College of Music while simultaneously working with a variety of clientele to build his production business. In 2018, he graduated summa cum laude from with a BPS in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, and to this day, his productions have amassed 10’s of millions of listens and views on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.