Jared Marshall

Jared Marshall

Down Syndrome Trained
Autism Trained

Teaching: Drums, Music Production

Media Director and Head Engineer

I have been an avid fan of music my entire life. I started on the drums as a teenager after saving up enough money to buy my own kit, and I learned quickly, motivated by an interest in learning how to play my favorite songs. Not too long after that, I was asked to play in a local band. I’ve been hooked ever since.

During college I took up guitar and vocals and also started to get into composition as well. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2006, I wanted to record my own music, so I delved into recording arts. I focused on studio work and eventually built my own studio. I began recording other bands and artists, and taught private drum and guitar lessons at the studio as well. Eventually I decided to take my entrepreneurship to the next level and moved to Austin in November 2010.


I have very diverse tastes ranging from jazz, rock, fusion, psychedelic, shoegaze, dreampop, ambient, soundscape, and film scores, to contemporary pop. When I teach, I try to focus on what the student wants to get out of the instrument and also on REAL WORLD APPLICATION. I teach them not just the technical components, but also how to interact with other musicians in a formal setting (i.e. band practice, the studio, gigs, etc.)

Since I have such multifaceted knowledge and experience (as well as being an audio engineer who understands how to work with all types of people) I think I have a unique, broad, and valuable perspective to offer any student.