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Janis M.

Skill in music can be acquired. Many people believe that musical talent is innate and that one either has it or does not. The truth is that while individual aptitude in music varies from individual to individual, no one acquires skill in music without effort. The thing that is innate in everyone is the need to connect with music. Music provides meaning.

My name is Janis M. I am certified in the State of Texas to teach music in grades pre-K through High School. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a vocal emphasis at Texas State University in San Marcos. I have been teaching for 15 years in the public schools. I have presented at the Texas Music Educator’s Conference in San Antonio. I have showcased elementary performance groups in choir, recorder, or mariachi at the AISD Latino Arts Awards, Sea World, and other venues.

My performance experience includes dinner theatre stage hand, community theatre tap dancer, and singer in lots of bands with names like “Jazz Baby” and “The Joneses.” I have performed in venues like SXSW, The New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque, Carnegie Hall, and many other less illustrious dance halls in rural places in America. I was church music director for 10 years. For a brief but fun time I was a DJ at a bilingual radio station here in Austin, KTXZ, 1560. I still have my broadcaster’s license.

Music is physical and must be experienced to be learned. Lessons help provide these experiences. We aren’t just learning songs; we are training brains. Music lessons cross the midline of the body and engage the brain while coordinating fine and gross motor movement. Progress occurs when practice is consistent. Practice helps move the brain training along. A good music teacher provides interesting lessons and guides the practice of the student.