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Glenda Cisler

Glenda is originally from San Antonio. She moved to Austin from Katy, Tx about two years ago.She has been a member of the Victoria Symphony and Laredo Philharmonic for almost 20 years and also plays with the Temple Symphony, Mid Texas Symphony, and the Central Texas Philharmonic as a sub. Playing in an ensemble is one of her favorite ways to express her musicianship. She has taught students of all ages. She particularly enjoyed her time as volunteer music librarian/small ensemble coach for Virtuosi of Houston, a Young Artists Chamber (and now including Jazz) Orchestra, with students between 12-18 yrs of age from2013-2016.She loves introducing the violin to students and parents for the first time and helping them discover the beauty and excitement of playing this instrument. A good foundation of proper position and clear tone, brought about through fun exercises and engaging practice routines are her goal. While Glenda’s mainstay is classical repertoire, she enjoys music from multiple genres such as pop, musicals, country, bluegrass and much more.Glenda is a mother of three and in her spare time, she loves to bake, sew and ride her Harley.