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Crystal S.

Crystal is a long time band vocalist and child worker. She was born and raised in California. Crystal got her Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a vocal performance emphasis at Dominican University of CA. Later, she moved to San Francisco where she sang with R&B band Wicked Mercies by night and worked in daycares by day. She moved to Austin in 2013 when she was hired to sing for many cover band companies, including Stargazer Productions and Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes. She taught music and yoga to kids until she went to work for the Carnival Cruise lines as a musician. Crystal believes that singing requires breath and body awareness.
Crystal and her husband now write music together. You can see them around the Austin and Dallas area performing their FlOwUpTuOuS duo, solo, and band gigs. She also teaches yoga and group fitness classes. She loves helping people reach their full potential of what is possible because with hard work, consistency, and patience, anything is possible!