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Christopher W.

Chris discovered his passion for music in the mid 90s and began playing to his favorite rock bands like Metallica and Guns N Roses. Most teens consider this is a popular genre but for Chris this was a way of life.


As he grew as a musician Chris’s musical palette expanded, and soon he was studying and playing everything from BB King to Beethoven. After graduating high school he attended San Antonio College where he studied music theory and classical guitar, and a few years later he relocated to Los Angeles to attend the Musician’s Institute, a prestigious music school in Hollywood, California. There he made life long connections, gained valuable insights, and studied with some of the most renowned players in the world.



Since moving to Austin in 2004, Chris has played countless gigs in a variety of styles including rock, metal, blues, pop, country, funk and swing. He has written and produced albums and appeared in Guitar World, Guitar Player and a variety of other national publications with his signature “Skunk” Guitar.

In the past 9 years he has not only honed his skills as a performer but as a music teacher as well. Chris has taught and inspired hundreds of children and adults alike, both in private lessons and group settings, helping each to attain their unique personal goals. Today, over 15 years since his first gig, he still enjoys teaching the same classic songs that inspired him to pick up a guitar.

“I love writing and performing all kinds of music. I also love teaching music and helping others to realize the exciting and infinite potential this language has to offer. One of the greatest joys as a teacher is watching a student have those eureka moments and knowing they’ve just broken a barrier,” says Wright.

“One part of teaching music is about teaching chords and songs etc… those are the building blocks. But another part is about helping a student to realize their ability to express themselves through music and giving them a glimpse into their own potential. That, to me, is what really makes teaching music so wonderful,” explains Wright.