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Brenna M.

I am a recent graduate of Texas State University, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a vocal emphasis. Having grown up in Austin with musical parents, music has always been a central part of my life and it is what I am most passionate about. I began working with children at the age of 9 in the youth education program at the church that I attended, and knew early on that working with kids is something that I really enjoy. I am currently a certified music teacher for grades Kindergarten-12, and am licensed in the state of Texas.

First and foremost, I am a singer. I began singing in my elementary school choir in fourth grade, and continued singing in choirs throughout college. I also began playing piano in college, and in total have been playing for 7 years. What I have learned throughout my education is that music is powerful, and it gets our brains working in a way that no other subject does. My philosophy when it comes to teaching is of the growth mindset. Students can get better if they are given multiple opportunities to succeed, feedback, and many attempts at what they are doing. As a music teacher, it is my job to teach children to be culturally aware, to be good people and to make learning music fun!