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How to Choose a Piano for Your Online Piano Lessons Austin

by | Sep 15, 2020 | 1 comment

When looking into piano lessons Austin, it is necessary to consider the instrument before anything else. While you can choose a cheaper electric keyboard for initial studies, you need to think about the versatility and longevity of such an instrument. Some of the most inexpensive options do not have pressure controls, which is problematic for learning volume control and expressive play. Think of it this way, if you wanted to play soccer, would you invest in cleats or regular tennis shoes? While regular shoes may work for a time, cleats provide longevity and allow a player to learn maneuvering and control.

Learning to play the piano requires a good instrument, but you do not need to purchase a baby grand yet. Buying an instrument that allows you to learn proper technique and control is all that is required for beginner students, but even finding a beginning instrument offers options. To help you decide on the instrument for your piano lessons, it is necessary to understand the pianos available for purchase.

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic Piano piano lessons Austin

An upright acoustic piano is the gold standard of beginning acoustic players, but they are not the most affordable option for music lessons Austin. While more affordable than a baby grand, priced between $4,000 and $8,000, it still places the acoustic option out of reach for many new players. However, the sooner a student can practice on an acoustic piano, the better because digital and electric options do not provide the same dynamic range or level of responsiveness. Also, it is hard to match the color and texture of real strings.

While learning on an acoustic instrument is often for the best, they do require more maintenance than other options. Uprights need tuning and also have environmental requirements to achieve the best sound, which is why most students prefer to start with a digital or electric piano.

Digital Pianos

Many students begin piano lessons Austin on a digital piano because of its similarity to the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, along with affordability. While it is impossible to mimic the acoustics of an upright entirely, a digital does an excellent job. With weighted keys and impressive dynamic control, digital pianos are suitable for beginning to intermediate players. The biggest upsell of a digital piano is that you can purchase one between $500 and $2,000, a fraction of an acoustic’s price.

Another benefit of digital pianos is the size. These pianos tend to be smaller than acoustic instruments, which means you should find space a little easier. Also, some of these systems have USB or other connection options for linking directly to a computer for your online lessons.

Electric KeyboardsPiano keyboard Acoustic Piano piano lessons Austin

An electric keyboard is the most affordable option when learning the piano. However, if purchasing an instrument with non-weighted keys or that is not the full-length keyboard, it is challenging to get an accurate feel for the instrument. Weighted keys are vital to developing finger strength, and the full range of 88 keys is crucial to learning flexibility and diversity of play. If you cannot afford a digital piano or a system with 88 weighted keys, then aim for a keyboard that at least has 61 keys to perform standard lessons from a music school Austin.

Electric keyboards do offer the same level of connectivity as digital pianos, which means they can work for online exercises. These instruments are also much smaller than digital and acoustic pianos, which means finding a room should not be a problem.

Acoustic Versus Electric and Digital

When considering all the options, it is easy to categorize pianos into a first, second, and third-place position. Firstly, acoustic pianos excel on all fronts because they represent the real instrument. Digital pianos come in a close second because they impersonate the best qualities of an acoustic while adding technological benefits. Electric keyboards come in third because they are the least comparable to an acoustic instrument. However, electric keyboards are the most affordable options and do provide an opportunity to explore the piano without investing too much money.

Using any of the above instruments will allow you to start piano lessons Austin. Your choice comes down to your level of commitment to learning and your budget. If you would like more help deciding on a piano, contact a representative from the Lonestar School of Music.


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