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How Music Helps Kids Succeed

Dec 21, 2018 | 1 comment

Music lessons. You enjoyed them a lot as a kid. The moment you learned to play The Beatles’ Black Bird all the way through is one you can’t forget.

You had been practicing for weeks and kept stumbling here and there. But one night, determined to learn it right, it happened. All your figuring fell into place and for one brief moment, the song sounded new again.

“I’d love for my kids to take music lessons,” you think. “But with their already packed schedules, is it worth it?” 

If you want your kids to take music lessons and want to know the benefits, read on. 

Music can help you remember facts. 

Music Lessons Improve Education Skills

music lessons

Math and music are closely related. In fact, some say the only real difference between music and math prodigies is what they study. Einstein could have been the next musical sensation had he traded in his slide rule for a slide piano.

So what about music helps improve your child’s education? By teaching them to recognize patterns. Both music and math have patterns. As your child the patterns of a song, they’re also learning how to divide and create fractions.

Another way music helps your children learn better is by building up their memory skills. Learning a new instrument helps build up their short and long-term memory. They can also uses songs as a way to remember facts.
Think of it: Tommy Tutone released his top 10 hit “867-5309” in 1981 and people still recall the number decades later.

Improve Motor Skills

music lessons

Do your kids want to take up a sport or learn to dance? Or maybe they need a little help with basic motor skills. Learning an instrument like the drums is perfect for that. It not only teaches them to follow the rhythm and beat, but teaches them how to use two hands at once.

Many children with learning differences find this helpful because they can get their motor skills up to speed. Plus, they’ll be doing it to their favorite artists!

Another instrument that’s great for motor skills is the piano. Using two hands is essential in many piano songs. Learning the piano is a great way to build up motor skills and coordination.

“What if I have active kids?” Who doesn’t? Sometimes kids seem to have endless energy. Learning a percussion instrument is great for kids who are active and need to use that extra energy.

Learn Social Skills

music lessons

Being a team player is essential to life. There are times your kids will have to work together in a group to accomplish a task. This could be a project in school, or later, a project at work.

So how can music help foster socials skills and teach how to be a team player? Group music lessons.

With group music lessons, children work together to create a crescendo or accelerator. Your child will have to adjust their music playing to fit the rest of the group. If they’re playing too fast they’ll learn to slow down, and vice versa.

They’ll also learn how to socialize with other kids. Children on the autism spectrum often have trouble learning social queues. Playing music together in a group lets them practice socialization. They learn how to work with others and how to get comfortable in different settings.

Plus, many of our teachers are trained to work with kids who have autism and down syndrome.


Music lessons show everyone they’ll get a chance to rock, if only they have the patience.


Gain Patience

music lessons

With how fast the world is these days, kids expect things quick. Amazon Prime packages arrive in 1-2 days. New music they bought is downloaded right away.

But not everything is that fast. A lot of things take time. Like school assignments. Music lessons are a great way to learn delayed gratification.
Take the violin or guitar. It’s not an instrument one can pick and play quickly. There are a lot of things players have to get used to first, like how to hold the instrument, and proper posture.

Taking the time to learn the violin or guitar teaches kids that not everything is instant. Some things do take time. But with making time to practice a little each day they’ll see themselves improve over time.

If they’re playing in a group they’ll learn to wait until it’s their turn to play. This shows that everyone will get a chance to rock, if only they have the patience.

Build Self-Esteem 

music lessons

Dealing with constructive criticism is hard. No one likes hearing that their work needs improvement. But, like it or not, criticism is a part of life that everyone deals with. And your kids are no different. So how can music lessons help?

By teaching kids that constructive criticism isn’t the end of the world. Music lessons will show your kids that receiving criticism is a chance to improve. The more comments they get, the more chances they have to play better.
Plus, the better they play, the more self-esteem they’ll have. With enough self-esteem, they’ll be able to handle most anything that comes their way.

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