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How are Practice Pads Good for New Drummers?

Jun 27, 2019 | 1 comment

If you are a budding drummer and don’t own a set of practice pads yet, then there isn’t a lot you can do when you get home from your first drumming lessons.

Practice pads, as the name suggests, will help you hone your skills anywhere (as long as your beats don’t pop out the top of someone’s head)! These drum pads are frame mountable, or even laptop/desktop/stand mountable.

Now you may be wondering if you really need those practice pads, or if playing during classes will be enough.

This article will help you choose better.

What are Drumming Practice Pads?

drum practice pad

Let us first get some minor yet essential details out of the way. Practice pads are designed for drummers to develop their technique.

They are perfect for practicing the drum set rudiments and stick rebound, but less so for drum beats and fills.

Also, these gadgets do not feel the same as an actual acoustic snare drum. They also don’t necessarily prepare you for the nuances and sensitivities of the raw acoustic instrument.

On the upside, they feel close enough to develop technique. As a new drummer, they are also great for strengthening and necessary fine-tuning skills.

To say, it is an essential gadget for any aspiring drummer to develop stick technique and practice their single strokes, double strokes, flams, or any other drum set rudiment. It is evident that practice pads are not a replacement for snare drums, but they have their benefits.

“Practice pads are great for strengthening and fine-tuning skills of a beginner.”

Carry and Play It Anywhere

Unlike drum kits that are bound by time and place, practice pads allow you to schedule your practice sessions regardless of the location. So, there is no need to compromise on a fixed space, as you may carry them wherever you want to.

Practice pads are lightweight, making it easy to carry around and practice on. If you are an early riser and love to orchestrate with the symphony of nature, then practice pads are for you, as they are portable.

Drum kitCuts Down Distractions and Disturbances

Practice pads eliminate all distractions; while this attribute is advantageous to beginners, it can act as a disadvantage, too.

For the intermediate or the pros cannot practice a beat or a complex fill on it. Besides, many drum line drummers use practice pads to polish their playing.

“Practice pads reduce physical distractions.”

Not only on the tool, but you can even eliminate physical distractions by taking the pads to a place where you concentrate on your music.

Even if you are a night owl, you can play practice pads as they are silent and will not disturb anyone.

Master The Basics

They say that a strong foundation can withstand any storm. Similarly, the basics are the foundation of any musical art.

drum lessons austin

Strong basics will make you a pro in your music. Practice pads allow you to strengthen your fundamentals. From single stroke roll to double stroke roll, paradiddle, flam, and drag, you can become proficient in all the basic movements that make most of the rudiments.

Once you get acquainted with the basics, you can even practice showmanship drumming, referred to as stick tricks that constitute stick spinning, throwing, and back sticking. Further, by picking up stick tricks, you can acquire coordination, which is the key to playing in a band.

“Understand the basics to master your drumming skills.”

Practice pads are solely beneficial for budding drummers who dream of becoming a professional drummer. From the flexibility of time and location to honing the basics, aspiring drummers can make most of the practice pads in their drumming lessons.

To sum up, practice pads are a blessing for budding drummers and an excellent alternative to the drum kit.


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