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Looking for Home School Music Lessons in Austin?

Oct 31, 2016 | 1 comment

Home School Doesn’t Have to Stop Your Musical Career

Although some parents can offer home school music lessons for their home-schooled children, this is the exception rather than the norm. Don’t worry. This is okay. Lone Star School of Music offers a large variety of music lessons at three convenient locations across Austin. Complimenting a home education with a musical education has never been easier.

Why Choose Us?

It can be very hard to decide to where to study music, which is why we try to stand out from the rest. For us, it is more about quality education, convenient times and locations, as well as having fun, than anything else. We wish to provide the same opportunities for high quality musical instruction for home-schooled students as anyone else.

  • Home School Music Lessons In Austin

    We understand that some people prefer to be home schooled. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a musical education as well. Our school provides different music lessons for multiple instruments. Whether you may be interested about singing, violin, or drums, we got you covered. There’s no need to skip out on a musical education.

  • Social Interaction

    If you or someone you know does happen to be home schooled, social interaction can sometimes be limited. Taking lessons with a music instructor not only helps build social interaction, but also allows our students to get to know one another and build each other up. Whether you prefer a one-on-one lesson or a group lesson, you are able to interact with someone through music. We’ve even featured open houses and even a day at the zoo for all of our home schooled students to have fun and get to know one another.

  • Instructor Diversity

    Sometimes it is nice to shake things up. We have many instructors to help any student wishing to learn an instrument. This not only helps to build an additional relationship, but also allows the student to see a new face who isn’t just a parent or a face on a screen.

  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment Experience

    Learning an instrument helps set goals and achieve accomplishments. We want our students to set goals themselves. It is our job to make sure those goals are accomplished. This gives our students experience for later on in life to help accomplish any goal.

  • Public Performance Opportunity

    Just like any other student, we offer the opportunity to let you perform on stage and share your musical ability with the community. This allows them to feel like a real musician and perform on stage to the public.

  • Establish a Lifelong Passion and Hobby

    While learning an instrument could be just a hobby for now, it could also grow into a passion. This allows you to push yourself while also having fun in something they enjoy.

  • Have Fun

    This is always the most important part for our students. We provide an environment where you can learn an instrument while also having fun. Playing an instrument should always be fun and enjoyable.

Get Started with Home School Music Lessons in Austin

If you or someone you know is interested in home school music lessons in Austin, call us today at (512) 712-5187, or contact us online and register to start your classes. Learn about how to get started with home school music lessons in Austin.

Looking for Home School Music Lessons in Austin? | Lone Star School of Music