6 Reasons to Take Guitar Lessons in Austin

Guitar Lessons in Austin TX

Become the Guitarist You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Are you hesitant and unsure whether you want to start taking guitar lessons in Austin? Besides learning the instrument, there are a lot of reasons and many benefits you can get from learning how to play the guitar.

Why Should You Take Guitar Lessons in Austin?

  1. Self-Enjoyment

    While you’re jamming away, you’re learning how to have a good time. Once you start to see improvements from your performance, you start to feel good about yourself. Studies show that while learning how to play an instrument and even in the process of playing, your brain releases hormones that are considered “happy” hormones. Need to cheer up? Go ahead and pick up that guitar.

  2. Stress Free Environment

    Let’s say you had a hard day of school or things at work didn’t go well. You really need a place to escape and take your mind off of a situation. Playing a guitar can help you relax. As you strum your cords, you can play whatever makes you feel good. You can let the music flow through you as the stress escapes from your fingertips.

  3. Build Your Mind

    As you learn to play an instrument, you’re learning how to develop the creative part of your mind. While learning an instrument, your brain begins to  make changes. Your motor and auditory skills begin to improve. It is even said that learning a musical instrument may be linked to bettering your memory and learning activity. Playing a musical instrument can also help with creativity, letting the mind grow artistically.

  4. Achieving Goals

    When you decide you want to play and instrument, you have to learn how to set goals. Maybe one week it is learning how play a difficult chord or learning how to read music in a different key. You start to pick up that you not only push yourself, but also develop a skill that can be used later on in life. It is important to set goals in life. Learning how to set goals and achieve them can be done can be applied to anything in life. Your goals can start with the guitar.

  5. Confidence

    You may start off shy, but that’s normal when learning anything. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to feel more confident and even excited to show your friends and family what you’ve learned. Playing the guitar will be no problem once you realize how fun and exciting it can be. You will be willing to not only perform for your friends, but perform on a stage where you will feel confident of your performance. You will actually get to feel like a real rock star.

  6. Having Fun

    This is the most important out of all the other reasons. Learning how to play guitar should not be considered another task or even homework, but something that you look forward to doing. If you are having fun, that’s all that matters. Music is meant to be enjoyable. You should be able to lose yourself into the music. Let your creativity juices flow as you unleash your inner rock star.

Learn How to Play Guitar Today

Do you want to become a guitarist? Call us now (512) 712-5187 or register online today for guitar lessons in Austin. Join us and start you musical career.

6 Reasons to Take Guitar Lessons in Austin | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX


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