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Get the Best Summer Voice Lessons in Austin

by | Jun 14, 2018 | 1 comment

You’re sitting at home enjoying an episode of The Voice when you start to wonder about voice lessons in Austin. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and as you watch the performer sing their heart out you think, “Are there Austin voice lessons? Could I really learn to sing?”

If you’ve always dreamt of singing and taking voice lessons, read on to learn how to get the best summer voice lessons in Austin with the incredible instructors Lone Star School of Music.

Sing Like Mariah With Voice Lessons from Lone Star School of Music

We tailor our lessons to your goals and what works for you.

We Offer Lessons for All Ages and Abilitiesvoice lessons Austin, Austin voice lessons

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best voice lessons in Austin this summer is to look for a school that teaches all ages and abilities. They’ll be able to enrich and grow your voice no matter what level it’s at. Plus, because they’ve worked with all ages and abilities they’ll be able to tailor the lesson to your goals and what works best for you.

We understand that not everyone learns to sing the same way, which is why we are committed to making your voice lessons work for YOU!

Start Your Vocal Journey Today!

We also offer voice lessons in combination with the piano or guitar.

We Provide Voice Lessons Alongside Other Instrumentsvoice lessons Austin, Austin voice lessons

Taking voice lessons in Austin doesn’t mean you have to give up playing an instrument!

“Austin voice lessons are great,” you think, “but what if I want to learn an instrument, too?”

You’re in luck! Lone Star School of Music offers voice lessons and can teach you how to sing while you learn to play the piano or guitar. We even have voice lessons that feature both the piano and the guitar so you don’t have to choose which instruments to learn along with your voice.

You can learn how to play the best tunes of the day, the classics, and whatever else you fancy while also learning how to sing with the beat.

Learn to Sing and Play!

We have instructors who have worked in film and TV. 

We Have Many Great Instructorsvoice lessons Austin, Austin voice Lessons

The best thing that any music school can offer besides the types of instruments they teach, is the type of instructors who teach them. You want instructors who have experience but are also trained in voice and the other instruments they teach.

Deborah Scott Hammons

Not only does she have a Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from Biola University and a Master of Music Degree in Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California, she’s performed at LA Opera and the Hollywood Bowl. Her film and TV credits include:

  • The Nanny
  • Boston Public
  • Seabiscuit
  • Detroit Rock City
  • X-Men: The Last Stand.

She’s also been in several Hollywood productions such as:

  • Into The Woods
  • God & Shakespeare
  • Jerry’s Girls
  • Sentimental Journey: A 1940s Supper Club
  • Peter & Wendy.

Violet Lea Badgervoice lessons Austin, Austin voice lessons

Violet received her bachelor of arts in music from Texas Tech University in 2007. She teaches piano/voice lessons and the toddler/youngster group classes. In her free time, she enjoys:

  • crocheting
  • playing video games
  • cooking
  • and hanging out with friends/traveling.
  • traveling nationally with her band.

Ryan Hofstravoice lessons Austin, Austin voice lessons

Ryan has a B.A. in Music Business with a minor in Vocal Performance from McNally Smith College of Music as well as an A.A.S. in Vocal and Guitar Performance from Lake Michigan College. Even though he learned a few things besides music in college, he learned the most important thing in college: That he was destined to teach music and spread its joys. A quick look at his childhood tells you this was a revelation he was bound to have.

As he explains on his page, “When I was a small child before my dad went off to work he would tell me to not touch or listen to the radio. When he left, I would listen to it and sing along the whole time.” He learned to play the piano from his mother as soon as he could reach the keys and peddles and soon moved on to the guitar. With a musical childhood like this, it’s no wonder music is his passion.

These are only some of the many great instructors we have. To take a closer look at our faculty, check out our faculty page here.


Work With the Best Teachers in Austin

Music can be an effective therapy for people with learning differences.

Our Instructors are Trained for Autism, Downs syndrome, and Hearing-Impaired Students
voice lessons Austin, Austin voice lessons

You’ve been looking at our web page and so far, things are pretty awesome. That’s when you get an idea. “Does Lone Star School of Music offer Austin voice lessons for people with learning differences, like my brother?”

Yes, we do!

One of the things people with learning differences may have trouble with is communication and expression. Music gives people the ability to express themselves in new ways they never thought possible, and we understand that.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to become an Autism Certified Music School and an Autism Friendly Business. We also hire instructors who are trained to teach students on the autism spectrum, who have Downs Syndrome, and who are hearing impaired. We want music to be accessible to anyone and everyone who comes to us for voice lessons in Austin.

Find the Right Instructor for You!

We Offer Voice Lessons in More Than One Locationvoice lessons Austin

By now, you might be pretty excited. Lone Star School of Music has the Austin voice Lessons you want and the instructors who can teach you and your bother. So now you might be wondering about location. Do they have voice lessons in an area of Austin near me?

Actually, we have several.

Our voice lessons are offered at our Southwest, Lakeway, and Dipping Springs locations. No matter where you live in Austin, we have voice lessons near you.

See Which Location Works Best for You!

The Music Camp Has Week long Camps from June 6th to August 5h.

We Have Summer Camp!voice lessons Austin

Summer is finally here and you could not be more excited. Summer is the perfect time to start your Austin voice lessons. That’s when you notice Lone Star School of Music has a summer music camp! The best part? The music camp teaches more than just voice and they have week long camps running from June 6 to August 5.

That way, you can spend time with friends, family, and learn how to belt it like Beyonce with Austin voice lessons from Lone Star School of Music.

Get Your Jam on in Summer

Get Your Voice Lessons in Austin from Lone Star School of Music

If you’ve been wondering about voice lessons and want to learn from talented and caring instructors, contact Lone Star  School of Music today! We offer voice lessons at all four of locations as well as during our weekly summer music camp. Call (512) 598-4171 or click below to start vocal music journey today.

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Get The Best Summer Voice Lessons in Austin | Lone Star School of Music – Austin, TX