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Fuel Your Child’s Imagination with Guitar Lessons for Kids

by | Jun 7, 2017 | 1 comment

When playing the guitar, the instrument becomes more than just an object of music. The guitar transforms into a vessel of music, inspiration, as well as imagination. Just from the appearance, it may just seem like a typical music class. But there is more to guitar lessons for kids than just music. Music is an art form, which requires full attention to the body and brain. The question is, how does it help with imagination?

It’s an Artform

Music is literally an art. Although you can’t see it, you can feel it. Art isn’t about being visually appealing but really reaching and touching someone. Remember a time where you really felt and understood the tone of a song. The music touched you in a way that brought wonderful new thoughts and ideas rushing to your mind. Now, take that same thought and use it to create something. Your child could do the same thing. With music, your child can learn to connect and “feel” the music. Physically, their bodies can start to feel the tempo while emotionally they connect to the tone of the music. Allowing your child to connect to music in an emotional way helps grow your child’s imagination. Eventually, they are able to direct their own emotion into writing and producing their own music.

Working the Brain

Playing and listening to music will work different parts of the body and brain. When playing the guitar, you’re working the left side of the brain which is used for creativity. Working your brain turns the gears, causing creative juices to flow. Just like a muscle, the more you work a certain area of the brain, the more it grows. As the brain develops and matures through the years, the left side of the brain develops further. This allows your child’s imagination to take off. They become creative and explore their ideas. Taking guitar lessons for kids helps build and develop their creative side of the brain. They begin to explore their creative sides as they experiment with different forms of music and sounds.


Have you ever noticed how music itself causes inspiration, whether it’s working out, writing, or even just emotional inspiration? Think about it. Some people listen to music when they work out. Others, they like to use music to relax. Some even like to use music to study and write. Each of these different activities requires the same thing: inspiration. Music helps boosts your energy levels, which helps build inspiration. When your child is learning, playing, and even listening to the guitar, it creates a boost of energy. That allows them to feel motivated and inspired. Inspiration is one of the first of many steps to grow your child’s imagination.

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Fuel Your Child’s Imagination with Guitar Lessons for Kids | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX