Catch a Beat with Drum Lessons in Austin

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Learn to Play With the Beat

Drum lessons in Austin can be far more important than you first imagine. We all know that everyone wants to be the lead guitarist or the lead singer, but what about the drummer? More than any other musician, the drummer is the backbone of the band. If you’re curious about becoming a drummer, Lone Star School of Music offers drum lessons in Austin for all levels. We can help show you how to rock it out on the drums.

Why Drum Lessons?

Drums are one of the most crucial instruments in any genre of music. The drum’s role is to be the backbone of the song. The drum was one of the first instruments that Man made. Since the discovery and invention, it has been apart of every genre from Folk, Orchestral, Jazz, Pop, Country, and Alternative Rock. As music continues to grow, so does the need for a skilled drummer. This gives you an opportunity to step into a band and grow into a talented musician.

While others tend to run to other instruments for the spotlight, drummers are the real rock stars. There is a lot of technique that goes into becoming a drummer. These typically include motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and keeping a steady beat at any pace. It is important to learn how to keep a beat and to use your whole body. This is simple to teach, but it does take time. That’s why it is important to find a great instructor who will be patient, but also willing to work with you to teach you these techniques.

One of the best things about being a drummer is that it’s also a workout. As you’re enjoying yourself by pounding on the drums, you don’t realize how much your body is used. If you watch a lot of drummers in rock bands, you can see the puddle of sweat underneath them. Don’t worry, we won’t work you that hard. We’re not gym trainers, we’re musical instructors.

How Can We Help You?

When listening to a song, can you feel the beat? Does your foot tap to it and your body have the urge to go with the tempo? Good! We can show you how to take that one simple skill and turn it into a talent. Playing the drums is not challenging, it is just about learning how to play. It is our instructors’ job to help teach you these skills to bring out your inner musician.

We have multiple instructors who are willing to teach drum lessons in Austin. Whether you want to be a drummer for an orchestra or a drummer for a rock band, our instructors are willing to work with you to become the best drummer you can be. The best part is, we try our best to make learning the drums as fun as possible.

Our school does give public performances, which allow you to show off your talent to the community. It not only allows you to perform on stage, but also to know what a performing musician feels like.

Our West Lake location is a great place to go for drum lessons in Austin. Our job is to make learning how to play the drums as much fun and enjoyable as possible.

Contact Us for Drum Lessons In Austin

If you feel like drums are your instrument, call us now at (512) 712-5187 for more information, or register online today.  We look forward to jamming with you.

Catch a Beat with Drum Lessons in Austin | Lone Star School Of Music, Austin TX


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