David U

David’s music education started in first grade and has not stopped since. He took a class called “music” in elementary school. In middle school and two years of high school he was in band. While tuba was his primary focus at this time, he played the piano as well. In the years leading to and during his time in university, his primary instrument was the piano. He also thrived as a singer, participating in the church choir, learning sight-singing, singing with the university choir, and taking private lessons. He currently holds a BA in Music Performance from Concordia University.


He loves to teach because he likes to see people engaged in a non-pressure activity.  He combines the performance aspect with music theory so that the student is enabled to read music as they learn new music. Another aim of his is to establish a positive relationship between the student and myself.

David is available for piano, voice, violin and tuba for in-home lessons Monday – Tuesdays in Dripping Springs and Wednesday – Thursdays in Lakeway. Call or Text 512-808-9371