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The advantages of learning the violin as an adult are similar to those for children. Physical activity can help to counteract the symptoms of painful conditions that can develop as you age, such as arthritis. Some studies suggest that the mental exertion required to learn the violin can encourage the formation of neural connections in the brain, potentially helping to prevent degenerative cognitive dysfunction caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Your Role as a Parent in Your Child’s Violin Lessons

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When considering violin lessons in Austin for your child, there are other aspects that you should consider. Know that you as a parent need to be part of your child’s journey. Violin is not the easiest instrument to learn. Even if it were, children would still quit trying to learn once they become disappointed and frustrated. As a parent, you don’t want them to fail, but you also don’t want them to be frustrated. With that being said, you play Read More

Why You Should Take Violin Lessons

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  Are you interested in violin lessons? Austin music school Lone Star School of Music can help you! The violin is one of the most popular instruments within the string family. Did you know that there are more violinists used in symphony type orchestras, chamber orchestras and other ensembles than any other stringed instrument? Increase Your Brain Capacity Studies have shown that playing an instrument can increase your IQ up to 7 points. Research has also shown that both listening to music Read More

Why Take Violin Lessons in Austin

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Learn to Play Violin the Austin Way The rise of Indie and Folk Rock have made violin lessons in Austin more popular than ever. Before, the violin had a large focus on classical, concert violin, and even country music. Now, the violin is growing to be a part of more genres, which is awesome! In addition to its growing popularity, however, there are many other reasons to learn this classic instrument. Arm Strength The way you hold the violin can build some Read More