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Join us for fun, exciting, and entertaining guitar lessons in Austin at Lone Star School of Music. As one of the fastest-growing music schools in Austin, we strive to create a fun environment for you and your child to learn how to play guitar. We work hard to create a fun and enjoyable environment where you can learn the skills needed to become a great musician.

How Do Guitar Lessons Relieve Stress and Build Your Confidence?

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Every time you strum a tune on a guitar, it stimulates certain areas of your brain leading to better cognitive abilities. The brain retains or processes complex information in the presence of music. Alternately, research shows that making music relieves stress lowering blood pressure, lessening anxiety and depressions and decreasing heart rate. Here’s how guitar lessons can be a massive boost to your confidence and creativity. Experience the Feel-Good Factor While you’re jamming away, you’re learning how to have a Read More