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9 Must-know Reasons to Start Playing the Drums in Austin

Drum Lessons Austin

Drum Lessons Austin Many runners state that they wouldn’t run if they couldn’t listen to music. They say there’s something about the music that energizes them, keeps them going for longer. Did you know that when you learn to play an instrument, the same kind of feeling with flow through your body? That’s right! If you’re interested in starting a new hobby, why not take drum lessons in Austin? Here’s a quick look at nine great reasons to pick up a few Read More

Do Kids Need Music Lessons?

music lessons for kids

Music Lessons for Kids Did you know children who study music usually have more advanced reading skills and larger vocabularies than their peers who do not participate in music lessons? Studies also show children who study musical instruments excel in all their studies, have enhanced critical thinking skills, work better in teams, are more likely to stay in school and normally pursue further education. Music lessons for kids have tremendous benefits in their growth development. Below are 5 compelling reasons Read More

Ways to Prepare for Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons Austin

Music Lessons Austin Music lessons are the best way to learn how to play an instrument. However, lessons are costly. This is why you should maximize each experience. To get the most of each lesson, it is not only what you do during class that matters, but what you do outside of class that makes a huge difference. It comes down to how you prepare and if you are putting what you learned to good use! At Lone Star School Read More

Pros of Group Guitar Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons - Guitar Dojo

Group Guitar Lessons Everyone has a different learning style, especially when it comes to playing the guitar. Playing an instrument is a great way to train the creative side of your brain. Also, for children it teaches discipline and offers a competitive edge when they apply for college. You never know, they may make a career out of playing the guitar! However, choosing the right teaching style for yourself or your child can be a bit tricky. You can choose Read More