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The bass guitar is also known as the electric bass, or just bass. This stringed instrument looks very similar to an electric guitar, but has a longer scale length and neck. Unlike the guitar’s six strings, a bass has only four strings.

The bass guitar is used for many styles of music, such as pop, jazz, and rock. It plays much lower tones than the guitar, which is why it’s used to play low musical sounds called “bass lines” in songs.

Introduce Music Early With Bass Lessons For Children

Benefits of Learning the Bass

Has your child ever thought about playing the bass? With four strings instead of the guitar’s six and the cool walking licks you hear in the bass line of many songs, this instrument could be the right fit for your child. Bass lessons at Lone Star School of Music in Austin are a great way to get your child involved with music in order to gain confidence and creativity. As one of the top music schools in Austin, we love Read More