Can Kids Drum Lessons Make Them Healthier?

kids drum lessons health

kids drum lessons health

The Drummer Stereotype

When it comes to kids drum lessons, we sometimes find ourselves fighting a steroetype about drummers being mentally slow. When you actually look at the data, however, we find that drummers are truly very smart – possibly more so than many other individuals, including even their bandmates. According to scientific research, drummers have a first-rate ability to promote change in individuals that are around them and can problem-solve like no other.

The Truth About Drumming

That being said, we’ve compiled six health-related reasons you should consider enrolling your child in kids drum lessons:

  1. Drumming Engages Both of the Brain’s Hemispheres, Helping to Produce Greater Self-Awareness

Research shows that drumming allows an individual to engage both parts of his or her brain: the rational, linear left brain and the intuitive, creative right brain. It also allows for brain waves to slow down to an incredible 8 cycles per second. As a result of activating both hemispheres of the brain at the same exact time, it can lead to greater self-awareness, creativity and insight. Brain hemisphere synchronization also makes it easier to access information from the subconscious.

  1. Drumming Combines Problem-Solving, Intelligence and Timing

As already mentioned, drumming improves the ability for the individual to problem solve. At the same time, though, it also helps to increase a person’s intelligence (IQ) and improve their timing skills. In an overseas study, it was found that a drummers who played an assortment of beats and then took an intelligence test of 60 problems were able to score higher. They could also keep a steadier beat.

  1. Drumming Increases Heart Rate and Blood Circulation

Similar to the way that aerobic exercise can, drumming can increase the heart rate and improve blood flow throughout the body. Because drummers are using all parts of their body, it is possible to burn up to 400 calories in a drumming session. These are likely the primary reasons that drumming has been turned into a workout at fitness centers across the country.

  1. Drumming Is an Effective Form of Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they think of silence. However, silence doesn’t necessarily have to mean complete silence where there are no sounds and no one is talking. It just means silence of the mind, and many people can accomplish this with drumming. How? Because drumming allows the person to get out of their head and to think more with their heart. The beat takes your mind off of your problems and allows you to focus on the rhythm that you are making. Since drumming tends to get you to a state of mediation quicker, kids drum lessons can be very beneficial for those who have ADHD or are extremely hyper or over-active.

  1. Drumming Helps to Reduce Stress and Releases Negative Emotions and Feelings

Since drumming acts as a form of meditation, it makes sense that it would help to reduce your stress levels. With stress being such a serious component in many life-threatening illnesses and diseases, such as immune system shutdowns and heart disease, it is important to keep kids stress levels at a minimum, and drumming can help do that. Research has shown that drumming can help individuals release negative emotions and feelings that they have. It has even been shown to be helpful to those who are suffering from PTSD.

  1. Drumming is Fun

Best of all, kids drum lessons allow them to be themselves, make beautiful music, learn new skills, gain self-confidence, and have fun! Plus, it can be a great way for them to meet new friends who have similar interests, which is helpful in developing new friendships.

Kids Drum Lessons Are a Healthy Choice

As you can see, kids drum lessons can actually help make them healthier and happier overall. Drumming allows them to engage their entire brain, improve problem-solving skills, experience exercise in a different way, get out of their heads, reduce stress and just have fun. So, what are you waiting for? Give your child the chance to drum their way to improved health today. Sign up today!

For more info on kids drum lessons at the Lone Star School of Music’s three Austin locations, please follow the links below.

  1. South West

  2. Dripping Springs

  3. Westlake

Or for further reading, read more about mastering the drums, or 9 more reasons to start playing the drums.

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